Celoxica Supports Xilinx FPGA Designers with ESL Starter Kit

3/13/2006 - Celoxica (AIM:CXA) today announced availability of its first product milestone in support of the FPGA ESL Initiative launched today by Xilinx, Inc. The new Celoxica ‘ESL Starter Kit’ provides an out-of-the-box solution for Xilinx FPGA designers who want to pilot and deploy system level design tools and methodologies into their development flows.

The ESL Starter Kit combines Celoxica’s flagship DK Design Suite of C-based design and synthesis tools, with a multi-featured Celoxica RC10 Xilinx FPGA development board. The ESL Starter Kit includes everything users will need to program the card directly from C-based algorithms, including the Xilinx Integrated Software Environment (ISETM) suite, full board support libraries and comprehensive design tutorials. The RC10 development board included in the kit features a user programmable SpartanTM-3 FPGA, high speed ADCs, a wide range of I/O, CMOS camera socket and host integration through USB 2.0.

"With this new ESL Starter Kit, Celoxica continues to demonstrate its commitment to the provision of lead-edge design solutions that make it easier to implement programmable systems," said Steve Lass, director of Software Product Marketing at Xilinx. "In a single package, software and algorithm designers can access the development hardware, the ESL software tools, and IP they need to program FPGA designs from C-language code. This customer-focused approach will help drive adoption of ESL methodologies for FPGA design."

Celoxica’s ESL tools and development boards provide high productivity design environments for implementing complex software algorithms into Xilinx FPGA hardware. The Celoxica DK Design Suite software-to-silicon design capabilities include an Integrated Development Environment for C-based design entry; fast cycle-accurate simulation and debugging; mixed language co-simulation; co-design support for Xilinx MicroBlazeTM and PowerPCTM processors including direct synthesis to Xilinx EDIF or RTL VHDL and Verilog.

"Not only does the Xilinx ESL Initiative open up new markets and applications for FPGA technology, it also helps designers to leverage the system capabilities of modern FPGAs that combine programmable logic with DSP and microprocessors," said Jeff Jussel, vice president of worldwide marketing for Celoxica. "With this ESL Starter Kit, we’ve made it easy to access the industry’s most successful C-based design solutions.

The Celoxica ‘ESL Starter Kit’ is available for immediate delivery and provides easy access to ESL technology for anyone using Xilinx SpartanTM-3 FPGA devices. The ESL Starter Kit may be ordered on-line or by contacting a Celoxica sales office.

About Xilinx ESL Initiative
The Xilinx ESL Initiative is a multi-faceted program aimed at proliferating high-level design methodologies and tool flows for FPGAs. The goal is to make it easier for hardware designers and software programmers to leverage Xilinx programmable devices for their next generation systems. Xilinx and participating companies are focused on improving ease of use, quality of results and interoperability standards through technical collaboration, cooperative marketing and joint educational activities.

About Celoxica
A leader in electronic system level design (ESL), Celoxica is enabling the next generation of advanced electronic products by producing tools, boards, IP and services that turn software into silicon. Celoxica technology raises design abstraction to the algorithm level, accelerating productivity and lowering risk and costs by generating semiconductor hardware directly from C-based software descriptions. Adding to a growing installed base, Celoxica provides the world’s most widely used C-based behavioral design and synthesis solutions to companies developing semiconductor products in markets such as consumer electronics, defense and aerospace, automotive, industrial and security. Celoxica is a publicly traded company on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange under the symbol CXA.

Celoxica and the Celoxica logo are trademarks of Celoxica Holdings plc.

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