Justsystems Debuts xfy Enterprise Solution Plus for Oracle Database 10g

3/3/2006 - Justsystems, Inc., a leading enterprise software provider, announced today the release of "xfy Enterprise Solution Plus for Oracle Database 10g," an integrated development and runtime environment for corporate XML applications designed for "Oracle Database 10g Release2," at Oracle OpenWorld Tokyo 2006, which opens today.

The xfy technology combined with "Oracle Database 10g" allows native processing for both existing relational database (RDB) and XML data, while at the same time enabling an ultra rapid application development (UltraRAD) environment. The company will begin shipping "xfy Enterprise Solution Plus for Oracle Database 10g" during the third quarter of this year.

"An integration of xfy, which with its open and standard technology, provides a flexible XML application platform, and the Oracle Database 10g's XML function with high reliability and content management functions make the next generation of XML system architecture possible," said Kevin Walsh, SVP, Research and Development and Chief Technology Officer, Oracle Asia Pacific. "We expect that this product will consolidate segmented corporate business data, thereby contributing to greatly promoting the development of new applications, which utilize existing system assets to readily respond to changes in the business environment."

Masaaki Shintaku, President & CEO, Oracle Corporation Japan said, "Oracle's advanced data management functions, together with xfy's flexible and highly extensible RAD function will dramatically enhance business productivity with sophisticated applications made possible through data visualization. We envisage that, with the penetration of XML, the time will come when this dynamic combination of more flexible data processing provided by Web services and advanced information processing provided by document applications, will sustain corporate decision-making. Oracle and Justsystems are committed to continued provision of a corporate environment which meets such a new IT era."

About "xfy Enterprise Solution Plus for Oracle Database 10g"
IT systems based on databases, which handle huge amounts of data, have been constructed as a way of using IT, which has long supported business activities and public infrastructure. During the last decade, however, due to such factors as the emergence of new businesses, through globalization of the economy and the rapid spread of the Internet, the use of advanced IT with even greater flexibility and scalability has become necessary.

As one means of solving this problem, rich applications that enable integration with pre-existing databases are needed on the client side. xfy serves as a platform for implementing such powerful client environments.

"xfy Enterprise Solution Plus for Oracle Database 10g", through combination with the proven "Oracle Database 10g", has realized "UltraRAD" which quickly and freely creates applications with the user interface, enabling end users in far larger numbers than ever before to interact with databases.

Based on the accumulated "Oracle Database 10g" knowledge, system developers will be able to freely work with both the RDB data and XML data stored in RDB. The "xfy Enterprise Solution Plus for Oracle Database 10g" also provides developers with support for their smooth technical transition in order to work with the XML data. The xfy technology allows creation of applications, in which all data including database, text, numerical values and multimedia can be edited in XML. Thus an IT system with business competitive advantage can be established through speedy and flexible system architecture, without any in-house IT skill constraint. The time will surely come when business professionals who are not necessarily data specialists can freely handle databases, through a bold innovation of corporate strategic business development and its speed, while maintaining data accuracy and centralization.

Justsystems first announced the beta version of xfy technology in November 2004. After much technical feedback and many favorable evaluations from experienced programmers and developers worldwide, Justsystems released xfy Basic Edition 1.0 in October 2005. xfy Basic Edition 1.0 and xfy Developer's Toolkit 1.0 are available free for noncommercial individual or academic use.

xfy Enterprise Solution Plus for Oracle Database 10g consists of xfy Enterprise Solution 1.0 and the Oracle Database 10g Extension Kit. Annual licenses for xfy Enterprise Solution 1.0 are available at US $60 per client; the annual server license is US $3,000 per processor. Annual licenses for the Oracle Database 10g Extension Kit are available for US $60 per client; the annual server license is US $3,000 per processor.

About Justsystems Corporation
Justsystems, Inc., based in Palo Alto, CA, is a subsidiary of Justsystems Corporation (JASDAQ: 4686). Based in Tokushima, Japan, Justsystems Corp. is one of the largest software vendors in Japan. Since its inception and throughout its company history, Justsystems has recognized the power of information, developed technologies and know-how to process natural language as a fundamental means of communication, and delivered diverse products and services. During the formative stages of the PC era in Japan, Justsystems made significant contributions toward establishing the Japanese computing environment, and in recent years has been active in Java- and XML-themed technology development.

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