Hunt Engineering Rolls Out HERON-FPGA12 Module with Virtex-4 FPGA

3/3/2006 - Hunt Engineering has released the HERON-FPGA12 module which is the first in a range of HERON modules with Xilinx Virtex-4(tm) FPGA. The Virtex-4 family builds on the capabilities of the Virtex-II Pro devices adding enhancements to accelerate but also simplify system design. The Virtex-4(tm) family offers twice the performance and twice the density but less than half of the power consumption of previous generation devices - all at the lowest cost yet.

The HERON-FPGA12 has a Virtex-4 FX FPGA - the FX platform of the Virtex-4 family is optimized for embedded processing and serial connectivity. The HERON-FPGA12 module has the XCV4FX12 FPGA with embedded PowerPC. The module also offers 128Mbytes of off-chip DDR memory, plus 60 bits of user programmable digital I/Os and 16Mbytes of FLASH memory.

More HERON modules that will add different peripheral sets to Virtex-4 devices will follow in the coming months.

Peter Warnes, Hunt Engineering Technical Manager commented "The Virtex-4 is the first family of DSP optimised FPGAs. Virtex-4 is a breakthrough in programmable DSP logic design and meets our customers' demands for high performance and flexibility to meet their signal processing requirements with the added advantages of low power consumption and low cost."

HERON modules can be used in any combination in order to achieve the perfect configuration for a particular application. This flexibility allows users to configure systems with virtually limitless capabilities. Virtex-4(tm), Virtex-II Pro(tm), Virtex-II(tm), C6000 DSP and I/O modules capable of 100s of MHz can be combined in the same system using Hunt Engineering's HEART communications system to pass data in real time between the modules at up to 400Mbytes per second in each direction. Equally, any HERON module can be used standalone and any HERON system can be used embedded or mounted in a host machine.

As with all HERON-FPGA modules, Hunt provides VHDL IP for commonly used functions for the Virtex-4(tm) range. Hunt also supplies "standard" configurations so that a user can write C code for the embedded PowerPC to call standard hardware accelerated functions using Hunt APIs while advanced developers will have the option to use all of the features of the Virtex-4 FX(tm).

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