IEI Opens North American Office and Forms IEI Technology USA

3/1/2006 - IEI, the leading industrial computer developer in the world today, is going to announce the launch of their North American regional office, IEI Technology USA Corp.

For the last ten years, IEI has been developing, growing and supporting US distributors, including Armorlink USA, which has developed one of the largest IEI channels in the USA. The recent, rapid growth of IEI business in North America has led to distribution channels requesting more direct product support. To facilitate quicker and more direct product support IEI Taiwan is going to merge with ArmorLink USA to become IEI Technology USA Corp.

Located at the same address as ArmorLink USA, the Los Angeles based IEI Technology USA Corp. will be led by William Chang, who has extensive experience in the industrial computer industry. Mr. Chang will be leading diverse teams that include sales, marketing, product management and logistics. These teams can be expected to develop deeper relationships between IEI Technology USA and other IEI distributors in North America. It is anticipated that IEI Technology USA will further develop the markets and grow IEI business in North America.

To provide comprehensive system and customer-driven service are the IEI missions. IEI sincerely invites you to enjoy the brilliant embedded live together.

About IEI
IEI Technology is the leading industrial computing services provider of integrated computing platforms and customization services. IEI supplies hundreds of industrial computer boards, systems and peripherals for thousands of customer applications, and supports the OEM/ODM service to reduce the engineering effort and to speed product development process for our customers and enable them to get ahead of the market competition. IEI has an innovative R&D team, intelligent management system, high quality assurance, and over 400 products that go through more than 100 distributors and provide the customer time-to-market services in the world.

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