Real Intent Rolls Out Next Generation Clock Domain Verification Tool

2/28/2006 - Real Intent, Inc., the leading supplier of formal verification software for electronic design, announced a significant extension of the capabilities of its industry's leading clock tool, Clock Intent VerificationTM. These capabilities include vastly improved design navigation and debug, as well as add an option linking the best of static and dynamic verification, Clock Intent Verification SimPortal to Real Intent's VerixTM product line.

With the convergence of technologies onto a single die, SoC designs invariably include multiple islands of logic driven by different clock domains. One of the challenges of SoC design is insuring that the proper structures are present between these clock domains to synchronize the data transfers between domains. Existing simulation-based dynamic verification solutions can not verify the correctness of these structures because functional simulation does not model the effects of metastability. Clock Intent Verification automatically detects clock crossings and insures that the proper synchronizers are present in the design.

Clock Intent Verification Improvements
Clock Intent Verification has been extended to more tightly integrate the leading Novas VerdiTM debugging software. Unique advantages of the new integration include clock domain coloration, which is supported in text and graphical views throughout. Startup and runtime performance, especially for large designs has been increased up to 10x with its newly designed integration architecture.

"In our large multi-clock domain designs, perfecting the transfer of data across clock domains is critical to insure consistently correct operation," said T.R. Ramesh, Director of VLSI Engineering at Ikanos Communications. Without a clock domain crossing tool, insuring the correctness of this part of the design would have been difficult, time-consuming and risky. With excellent local support we were able to get productive use of Verix Clock Intent Verification in a short time."

Bringing Simulation to Bear
Even when the proper structures are present, the functional behavior of signals can have impact on reliability of clocking. In this area, simulation can help. Clock Intent Verification SimPortal is an option that allows users to run their sign-off vectors on their design, with the effects of metastability simulated. Design source files require no modification, and side files are generated which contain the metastability logic. After running the dynamic simulation with these side files, designers can have complete confidence that their design has all clocking issues covered.

"Making metastability simulation available in a fully automated way makes Clock Intent Verification SimPortal uniquely popular with our users. It links the best of static and dynamic verification in a way that easily fits user flows. We have detected clocking issues that can be missed during static clock analysis and debug, providing a complete and reliable solution for our customers", remarked Prakash Narain, President and CEO of Real Intent, Inc.

About Real Intent's Software Products
The Verix family utilizes the power of formal analysis to detect bugs that are hard to find. Verix can detect defects entirely missed with other Register Transfer Level (RTL) verification techniques.

The Verix Convergence Engine improves the capacity and performance of the entire Verix product family- Implied Intent VerificationTM , Expressed Intent VerificationTM and Clock Intent VerificationTM software- so that many designs which were impossible to formally verify, can now be verified.

PureTime, a software timing exception verifier, extends Real Intent's formal technology to address design implementation challenges early in the design cycle. It can prove the correctness of timing exceptions created by designers, or in existing Intellectual Property (IP), using exhaustive analysis and help avoid timing exception errors that create schedule delays, chip re-spins or failing hardware.

The new release of Clock Intent Verification and the new Clock Intent Verification SimPortal option are available today.

About Real Intent Real Intent is extending breakthrough formal technology to critical problems encountered by design and verification teams worldwide. Real Intent's products dramatically improve the functional verification efficiency of leading edge application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), system-on-chip (SOC), and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) devices. Over 30 major electronics design houses, including Sun Microsystems, ATI, Avago Technologies, nVidia, and NEC Electronics, use Real Intent software.

Founded in 1999, Real Intent is a privately-held Electronic Design Automation (EDA) company headquartered at 505 North Mathilda Avenue, Suite 210, Sunnyvale, CA 94085, phone: (408) 830-0700 fax: (408) 737-1962, e-mail:

Verix, PureTime, Clock Intent Verification, Expressed Intent Verification, Implied Intent Verification are trademarks of Real Intent Inc. Verdi is a trademark of Novas Software, Inc.

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