Temento Adds System Verilog Assertions Support to DiaLite Platform

2/20/2006 - Temento Systems is announcing at DATE 2006 some innovations around its DiaLiteTM Platform Edition:

  1. System Verilog Assertions support
  2. State-Machine Viewer
  3. TemStorage External Memory Data Management Solution

DiaLite Instrumentation : Platform Edition Revision 4.6
A System Verilog Assertion (SVA) Checker module is now available completing the PSL module to enable At Speed properties verification, directly on the chip. Major features and improvements include System Verilog Assertions support (System Verilog 3.1 from Accellera), automatic generation and insertion of the assertions and properties debug manager.

This edition takes advantage of the DiaLiteTM Instrumentation benefits and of a common HDL generation layer.

System Verilog or PSL On Chip Verification (OCV) will allow designers to create properties (A Boolean & temporal set of expressions describing system behaviour) that address their design checking requirements. Translation of properties into VHDL/Verilog languages enables to generate IP Assertion Checker Verification Units (ACVU).

Those units are then embedded into the user's design. The verification is performed directly on the chip and runs at design speed.

The State-Machine Viewer (SMV) is a new facility that will drastically improve the observability of code and the code errors tracking. The SMV automatically extracts all the State-Machines from the code under verification. A graphical view represents all the state-machines that the designer wants to monitor.

The progress is made either from a state to the following one or from a watch-point to the other one.

Adding this new code viewer tool to the HDL Fault Finder, the debug session is now more productive than ever.

FPGAs deep signals storage with 1GByte external memory board

With this product, we provide the best tool for storing and managing data coming from a FPGA test session. Delivering up to 10 Gbits/sec data bandwidth and 1 GByte DDR2, TemStorage allows to capture and to store large test sequences and to export them towards DiaLiteTM Instrumentation through a USB interface for viewing and analyzing.

Bus larger than 200 signals can be stored with a frequency up to 100 MHz.

Perfectly Integrated into DiaLiteTM environment, TemStorage is seen as a dedicated IP and can be connected to other accessible Debug IPs.

About Temento Systems
Temento Systems S.A. provides Electronic Design and Test Automation (EDTA) solutions that enable engineers to test and debug electronic products, including System on Chip (SoC), FPGAs, Boards, Multi-Chips Modules (MCMs) and Systems. Unlike traditional EDA software providers, Temento Systems offers a broad range of solutions focused on systems design test, starting from the earliest stage of design definition (virtual test), straight through hardware testing (physical test).

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