Parco to Commercially Release 2nd Generation RFID Tag Technology

2/17/2006 - Parco announced plans to commoditize active RFID tag technology with plans to commercialize a multiple PHY/MAC tag. The tag has an expected operational lifetime of up to 5 years and will be encapsulated to enable easy sterilization procedures.

This 2nd generation tag, currently called SLE, will come in two formats — one format will be for use in healthcare and the second will be geared to support non-healthcare, commercial customers. A multiple PHY/MAC tag means that the several types of physical radio frequency (such as 915 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 5.9GHz and 6.3 GHz) and several types of media access control (Exavera, ZigBee, 802.15.4, DSRC, and UWB) layers.

Parco announced last week the first phase towards the SLE tag with a press release regarding the integration with existing Exavera tracking RFID products. The SLE tag, which will incorporate Exavera technology, will be upwardly and downwardly compatible with all Exavera products. One primary differentiator in the next generation tag — it will broadcast the same tag identification in both the 915 MHz and 6.3 GHz physical layers.

"We are very excited to share this information this week with the healthcare information technology leaders present at HIMSS. We've had this product under development for some time. The participants in our focus groups all indicate that a product at this price point and versatility is something they want," says Scott Cohen, CEO of Parco Merged Media Corporation. While attending HIMSS, Parco has booths located on the main aisle of the Sails Pavilion #7229 and #7231. Live tracking demonstrations are available in both Parco booths and at partner booths including Nortel Networks #901 and Hewlett-Packard #1837.

The SLE tag incorporates various trade secrets to determine correct operational frequency. Certain technological aspects of the tag will allow the creation of self-forming, balancing and healing networks. Beta testing of the SLE tag will be conducted in various locations including hospitals and certain supply chain applications in 2nd quarter 2006.

For more information on the technology or to discuss becoming a beta site please contact Parco through its website.

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