Esterel Technologies Unveils SCADE 5.1 with Model Test Coverage Module

2/16/2006 - Esterel Technologies, a leading worldwide supplier of model-based design, validation and code generation tools for safety-critical embedded software applications, announced its brand new SCADE 5.1 version at the Embedded World 2006 show in Nürnberg, Germany. SCADE provides a seamless path from formal software specification to safe embeddable production C code.

This new SCADE 5.1 version releases the new Model Test Coverage module. SCADE MTC allows the measurement of the coverage of a SCADE model by a high-level requirements-based test suite. The purpose of the analysis is to assess how thoroughly the behavior of a SCADE model has been explored by simulation. A primary objective of MTC is to detect unintended functions. MTC methodology has been designed with the cooperation of several major industrial actors like Airbus and Eurocopter. MTC will be DO-178B qualified as a verification tool.

MTC takes integral part in the SCADETM Combined Testing Process methodology that enables a seamless verification process from the high level requirements of a system to the object code of the software running on the hardware target.

The Combined Testing process includes in particular the Compiler Verification Kit. CVK is a package of SCADE models and tests that enable the testing of all SCADE functionality for a selected cross-development tool chain and a microprocessor. It quickly enables the verification of a SCADE deployment platform and proves that SCADE-generated code will execute correctly on a given target platform. The SCADE CVK needs to be executed only once for any cross-compiler/ target microprocessor platform.

SCADE 5.1 includes several significant enhancements to safely manage multi-users projects. New Model Diff function of the SCADE Editor allows project team to pinpoint semantic differences between two versions of a model, and then to locate precisely the differences including in the graphics.

The SCADE Design Verifier technology enables software designers to detect crucial bugs early in the development process and accurately. Because it is a recognized fact that the ‘Division by Zero’ bug is one of the most common bugs in real-time embedded software developments, Design Verifier 5.1 incorporates a ready-to-use Check Division-by-Zero function that reports on actual divisions-by-zero.

The Operating mode is very simple: While you are designing your SCADE model, you can call the Check Division-by-Zero function anytime. In seconds, you get counter-examples, then, accordingly, you tune your model by adding precise protection to the variables that are pointed out at risk only. Redo the operation as long as you get a report that falsifies the formal Check Division-by-Zero proof objective. And finally, when the Design Verifier doesn’t detect any error, you are sure you’re done…down to the target!

In addition to these remarkable extensions to SCADE core strengths, SCADE 5.1 supports two new key strategic partnerships to create the first Certified Software Factory with the SCADE Gateway to I-LOGIX Rhapsody and the connection of SCADE with Green Hills’ INTEGRITY RTOS and Compilers.

The new SCADE 5.1 release will include a Gateway to Rhapsody and UML. The SCADE Gateway to Rhapsody intends to combine the respective strengths of UML and SCADE to develop safety-critical systems. By using UML to specify the system’s high-level requirements and architecture, and then SCADE to formally specify the software behavior, an efficient seamless flow is provided from the initial requirement analysis phase down to the final integration on the target platform. This flow is based on the connection of UML tools, and in particular Rhapsody with the SCADE environment, leveraging industry standards such as UML2, XMI, and DO-178B to provide a solution that is exactly tailored to the specific needs of safety critical projects.

The new SCADE 5.1 release will also be extended with the connection with Green Hills INTEGRITY RTOS and Compilers.

The new SCADE 5.1 version will be available at the end of March 2006.

About Esterel Technologies
Esterel Technologies is a worldwide supplier of model-based design, validation, and code generation tools for safety-critical software and hardware applications. Esterel’s tools create unambiguous specifications that produce correct-by-construction, automated implementation of control designs in software and/or hardware. The product offering is based on two products: SCADE and Esterel Studio.

Esterel Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Elancourt, France, and Mountain View, California. Esterel also has direct sales offices in Ottobrunn, Germany, Bracknell, United Kingdom, and Shanghai, P.R. China. Distributors in Japan, China, South Korea, Israel, and India complement the Esterel direct sales offices.

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