AdaCore Launches GNAT Pro 5.04 Open-Source Ada Development Environment

2/15/2006 - AdaCore today launched the latest and most advanced version of its flagship GNAT Pro open-source Ada development environment. Enabling faster creation of robust, dependable software it supports all the major new features in the Ada 2005 release of the Ada programming language, with over 120 enhancements to the technology.

Created under the auspices of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Ada 2005 introduces significant enhancements in many areas including Object-Oriented Programming, interfacing with other languages (most notably Java), software architectural design, real-time systems, and predefined libraries. It offers improved support for high-integrity applications, including the standardization of the Ravenscar profile for certifiable concurrent programs. Ada 2005 represents the first major upgrade of the Ada language in ten years.

GNAT Pro 5.04 incorporates improved installation, easier usage, and new features, including options for stack usage analysis and a tool for enforcing project-specific rules. It is implemented on more than 30 configurations, the widest variety in the Ada industry, including new 64-bit platforms such as SGI's Altix servers, HP's Integrity servers, and the x86-64.

Over half of the new features in GNAT Pro stem from customer requests, demonstrating the effectiveness of AdaCore's unique support model which ensures customer queries are answered by the product developers themselves, the largest and most experienced group of Ada experts in the world.

"With its many enhancements, Ada 2005 is the best choice for reliable and efficient software, across a wide spectrum of applications, including high-integrity systems," commented Cyrille Comar, managing director, AdaCore. "The latest release of GNAT Pro extends these benefits to programmers, enabling faster development of safe and robust code."

"Ada 2005 truly advances the state of the art in programming language design," added Robert Dewar, AdaCore's CEO. "As one example, its unification of concurrency and object oriented technology is a breakthrough that can help programmers develop more maintainable systems. AdaCore's GNAT Pro 5.04 brings these benefits to the industry now, backed by the quality support and high-caliber expertise that we have been providing to our customers since our company was founded."

GNAT Pro 5.04 includes advanced AltiVec support, both direct to PowerPC and simulated to other compatible targets, greater stack size control and analysis and efficient linker-level removal of unused subprograms and data. The new ASIS-based GNATCHECK tool provides evidence of the enforcement of project specific-rules.

Pricing and Availability
GNAT Pro will be available in mid-February to AdaCore customers on selected platforms. Please contact AdaCore for the latest information on pricing and supported configurations.

About GNAT Pro
GNAT Pro is a robust and flexible Ada development environment based on the GNU GCC compiler technology. It comprises a full Ada compiler, an Integrated Development Environment (GPS, the GNAT Programming Studio), a comprehensive toolset including a visual debugger, and a set of supplemental libraries and bindings. It is distributed with complete source code, and is backed by rapid and expert support service.

GNAT Pro has been used by industry and government customers worldwide in professional, mission-critical software products ranging from small- footprint real-time embedded applications to large-scale information management systems. It has been ported to more platforms, both native and embedded, than any other Ada technology.

About AdaCore
Founded in 1994, AdaCore is the leading provider of commercial, open-source software solutions for Ada, a modern programming language designed for large, long-lived applications where reliability, efficiency and safety are absolutely critical. AdaCore's flagship product is GNAT Pro, the commercial-grade open-source Ada development environment, which comes with expert online support and is available on more platforms than any other Ada technology. AdaCore has customers worldwide.

Use of Ada and GNAT Pro continues to grow in high-integrity and safety-critical applications, including commercial and defense aircraft avionics, air traffic control, railroad systems, financial services and medical devices. AdaCore has North American headquarters in New York and European headquarters in Paris.

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