SIDSA Opens Gate to Mobile TV Business with KeyFly Mobile

2/10/2006 - KeyFlyTM +mobile is a state-of-the-art Service Protection and Purchase System that is needed to enter the mobile TV business. It is the core of the business as it controls the access and provides the tools to distribute the services on a pay-TV basis.

The system allows to implement different subscription models to the benefit of mobile operators and broadcasters, and of users: the traditional subscription service with a regular fee, pay-per-view, impulsive pay-per-view, order ahead pay-per-view, pay-as-you-watch, pay-per-Kbyte. A service to be used with UMTS data services, pay-per-date and free-to-watch. Moreover, KeyFlyTM +mobile also allows rechargeable models through different ways, among them, SMS messages and scratch cards.

KeyFlyTM +mobile follows the standards. In any case, SIDSA offers the possibility to integrate the service purchase into the operator’s business systems or to purchase a special dedicated platform.

KeyFlyTM +mobile, along with SIDSA’s mobile TV POLARIS platform, will be shown at 3 GSM World Congress, between February 13th and 16th in Barcelona, in the CY14 Spanish Pavilion, The Courtyard.

SIDSA (Semiconductores Investigación y Diseño SA) is an international Provider of Global Solutions, Products and Services in the fields of digital TV, IPTV, mobile TV, conditional access systems and broadband. It offers a wide range of multimedia products: from its own System on Chip (SoC) integrated circuits to global and vertical integrated solutions to its customers, allowing them to get the best of it and generating new profitable business models. Created in 1992, initially as a Design House of Semiconductor components and ASICs (Custom integrated circuits), SIDSA has become a highly reputed international provider with a design centre in Tres Cantos (Madrid) and offices in The Silicon Valley, California.

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