HitachiSoft Improves Medical Care and Efficiency with ASP Service

2/10/2006 - Hitachi Software Engineering Co., Ltd. (HitachiSoft, TSE: 9694) has announced the launch of a medical ASP service(*1) for health care facilities aimed at improving the quality of medical care and enhancing the efficiency of hospital management.

The new service, available from February 1, will initially provide pharmaceutical product information to healthcare facilities via an ASP utilizing a comprehensive database of new generation pharmaceutical products created by Yuyama Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (President: Hiroyuki Yuyama, Head Office: Toyonaka, Osaka).

The service provides information on more than 28,000 of the latest pharmaceutical products, raising the quality and efficiency of the work of medical practitioners and pharmacists through an extensive range of functions such as package insert search, drug interaction check, and disease name-related checks. Further, it is anticipated that the service will result in improved patient services, since it is possible to search generic drugs(*2) for patients wishing to obtain such products.

Customers can begin utilizing the service immediately if they have an Internet connection environment and a PC by simply paying a monthly fee, with no initial monetary investment required. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) communications enable the service to be accessed securely via a mobile PC even when away from the workplace or visiting patients at home. The service is available to clinics, general practitioners, and other healthcare professionals, on either a single-user (monthly fee inclusive of tax: 10,395 yen) or multiple-user basis.

The ASP-based service also allows the user to switch client and server type applications to a centralized ASP model easily and inexpensively, thus facilitating the introduction of the medical ASP service through cooperation with providers of medical information services.

ASP-based Service Advantages

  1. Enables transition to ASP services to be achieved at minimal cost.
  2. Easy service and maintenance of server and PC environment, since application operates through server installed in data center.
  3. Reduced risk of information leakage, since all important application data stored in server.

In the future, collaboration is planned with Vantage Consulting Inc. (Representative Director: Makoto Narumo, Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo) that will utilize this ASP-based service in order to expand successive service categories to include, for example, medical consultation reservations, accounting systems, and itemized statement systems.

HitachiSoft anticipates the granting of 100 licenses for this service by the end of fiscal year 2006.

Features of the Comprehensive Database of New Generation Pharmaceutical Products
The comprehensive database of new generation pharmaceutical products contains a vast amount of data, offering generic drug search function and check functions that also serve to support diagnosis and treatment.

*1. ASP is an abbreviation for Application Service Provider, a service that provides application programs through an Internet connection.
*2. After the license for drugs first sold in Japan (new drugs), known as "originator drugs", has expired, drugs known as "generic drugs" may be sold after being approved by the MHLW. These have the same active ingredients and the same effects as new or originator drugs, but are cheaper.

The official name of HitachiSoft is Hitachi Software Engineering Co., Ltd.

About HitachiSoft
Hitachi Software Engineering Co. Ltd. was established in 1970 as the first software development company in the Hitachi Group and we are now among the leading IT service companies in the industry. We mainly deal with basic software for mainframe computers and large-scale systems and networks for government agencies as well as the financial, insurance, and securities industries. Over the past 30 years, we have enjoyed steadily increasing success, pursuing our goal of becoming the industry's leading company. We have also established international leadership in Multimedia Technology, GIS, Bio Informatics Products, and High Level Security Software both in the US and Europe.

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