Nemesysco Helps Screen Potential Employees with HR1 Voice Analysis System

2/9/2006 - Nemesysco, the leading provider of voice analysis technologies, announced the launch of their latest application; HR1, the first commercial human resources product in the world to use quantitative voice analysis to evaluate employee integrity and credibility.

From measuring voice responses to specially designed questions, HR1 can identify future risk and liability potential of employment candidates - including theft, drug use, fraud, and bribery, as well as a candidate's propensity for honesty and loyalty at the workplace.

Nemesysco's unique Layered Voice Analysis technology is used to build an integrity profile of a subject by analyzing brain activity traces as reflected in the voice. HR1 is able to categorize employment candidates into risk groups, based on their voice responses to questions regarding previous history and hypothetical scenarios regarding illegal or unlawful acts, drug use, gambling/alcohol addictions and topics related to general integrity and company loyalty.

HR1 costs $15 dollars per employee and takes just 20 minutes to complete the process, including automated testing, assessment and reporting. Using a simple phone like handset and computer, Nemesysco's software provides easy to use, unbiased, language independent and customizable assessments to meet the employment risk needs of any recruitment agency or in-house HR division.

CEO and Founder of Nemesysco, Amir Liberman commented, "We understand that hiring employees is an investment risk for any business and are excited to bring an affordable, flexible and accurate solution to the market. We aim to create a comfort zone for employers hiring new staff and have developed an application that can suit all businesses of all sizes around the world. No matter where you come from, what education or background you've had, you're voice can still give away your true intentions."

HR1 will be initially available in Israel, the UK, USA, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Turkey and Russia.

About Nemesysco
Nemesysco LTD is the leading provider of Voice Analysis Technologies for global security and commercial industries. Nemesysco's patented Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) technology detects the emotional content of spoken dialogue, captured live or extracted from recorded audio. LVA can be used to reveal "brain activity traces" as reflected in the voice, including various types of stress levels, cognitive processes and emotional reactions of an individual at a given moment. The technology is well known and widely used by insurance companies, security services and financial organizations around the world. Nemesysco is a privately held company founded in 2000, and is headquartered together with R&D offices in Israel.

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