Smart EDIS Alerts Deliver Real-Time Alerts to Wired and Wireless Devices

2/9/2006 - Roaming Messenger(TM) (OTCBB: RMSG) , the provider of a breakthrough mobile messaging platform, today announces that Smart EDIS Alerts, a California emergency alerting service, initially offered in November with limited availability, is now opened to the general public as a "Beta" service.

EDIS (Emergency Digital Information Service) is an information feed from the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (OES) that carries a wide range of emergency and public safety bulletins including amber alerts, tsunami warnings, weather alerts, earthquake data, as well as urgent alerts and prevention information.

With Roaming Messenger's breakthrough technology, EDIS alerts can be delivered to multiple devices, tracking the recipient down to ensure the information is received in real-time. In addition, the content of the alerts has been enhanced with maps and the user has the ability to change preferences, such as types of alerts or severity levels, from within the alert. Because the user can have this service delivered to multiple devices, there is a greater likelihood of receiving the information in real-time. This should result in better emergency prevention, response, and recovery.

"We are pleased that Roaming Messenger has joined the list of providers that offer direct delivery of California emergency bulletins through EDIS." said Ben Green, Assistant Chief, Telecommunications, California OES. "Their service, which extends distribution to both wired and wireless devices, will help broaden the circulation of this essential information."

"Smart EDIS Alerts is a prototype for the next generation of messaging services," said Jon Lei, CEO of Roaming Messenger. "Our technology adds intelligence to the message and turns 'flat' content into dynamic content. For example, if there was an earthquake, a service built with this technology could deliver evacuation instructions, survey users for damages, gather responses and send them back to Incident Command. We believe this would be a valuable tool for the First Responder community."

About Roaming Messenger
Roaming Messenger is the provider of a breakthrough mobile messaging platform that enables solution providers to create rich, interactive messaging solutions that improve mobile productivity. The company, based in Santa Barbara, California, has developed a patent-pending technology that encapsulates workflow logic and data into smart software "messengers." Unlike regular email and text messages, these messengers are encrypted, and have the ability to move across wired and wireless devices, track down recipients, confirm receipt, deliver interactive content, and transmit real-time responses back to the sending application. Designed specifically for the mobile environment, Roaming Messenger optimizes the user experience on mobile devices, adapting to the device interface, and providing user-friendly interactivity and rich content. It serves as a single point of integration to the mobile world for a variety of messaging applications, such as those used in emergency response, homeland security, logistics, health care, business continuity, and financial services.

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