Windows Mobile Receives FUEL from ITTIA Cross-Platform Embedded Database

2/6/2006 - ITTIA announces the second beta release of its ITTIA DB - FUEL cross-platform embedded database, which extends the capabilities of this highly popular database system for embedded and mobile devices. FUEL now includes support for mobile versions of Windows, including Pocket PC and Windows CE, and features significant speed improvements. FUEL's sleek and compact kernel, excellent performance and compelling features set it aside from its competitors.

Mobile and embedded devices have fundamentally different requirements than enterprise servers. Processing efficiency and memory footprint are of critical importance as excessive overhead will increase the cost and decrease the battery life of an embedded device. ITTIA has built its FUEL database from the ground up to support developers of modern embedded devices. FUEL can be used in devices with substantially less than one megabyte of memory, even while including such features as Binary Large Object support (BLOBs), Multi-Versioning Concurrency Control (MVCC), robust transaction support with automatic recovery, hot backup capability, and support for database encryption. Combining a balanced set of database features with an economical business offering gives a compelling reason for embedded developers to select FUEL.

A mobile application developer designing a device built on a mobile Windows platform, said: "FUEL really helps out our development. By taking care of the data management in a really clever fashion, we can focus our efforts on building and improving the application - and it helps us stay within our hardware requirements."

FUEL also delivers compelling advantages by being portable between Windows, Linux and other operating systems. Not only is the syntax for accessing the database identical on all platforms, but so is the on-disk data format, making deployment, backup and data migration a breeze.

"We are very thankful for our beta testers who have offered us significant feedback, and with their support we have been able to greatly improve FUEL's quality. I'm very pleased with the progress of the FUEL beta," said ITTIA's president, Sasan Montaseri. "We invite other Windows developers to join the process. The more organizations that join in the beta, the more closely we can match our database to meet the real-world requirements of developers worldwide."

ITTIA offers versatile database software for embedded systems and mobile devices. Our advanced database technology is supported by excellent technical support and consulting. ITTIA customers include GlaxoSmithKline, VNU, Boeing, Moodys, Sandia National Laboratory and many other companies that have benefited from our superior database solutions.

More information about FUEL is available.

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