Inphi Debuts Ultra-Broadband 2080MX 20 Gbps 4:1 Multiplexer w/o No Holes

2/6/2006 - Recognizing the explosive demand for accurate testing across a wide range of frequencies and applications, Inphi® Corporation, today announced the broadband 2080MX 20 Gbps 4:1 Multiplexer, a unique device that offers true operation from DC to 20 GHz with absolutely no "holes" — frequencies at which the part might not work — in a QFN plastic package.

This device allows test and measurement equipment, ATE and military equipment manufacturers to utilize a single device to create high caliber test and measurement products that operate across the wide range of today's and emerging applications including broadband test and measurement tools, SONET OC-192 equipment, and telecommunications transmission systems.

"The 2080 MX 4:1 multiplexer meets an important need for Synthesis as we continue to design and manufacture some of the most innovative test and measurement solutions for the communications and storage industries," said Tom Waschura, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Synthesis Research, Inc. "This part, complete with its QFN plastic package, high performance and low jitter, is an ideal component for a wide range of solutions."

"The 2080MX fulfills the test and measurement community's need for a truly broadband multiplexer that enables the generation of signals for testing at all frequencies up to and above 10 Gigabit Ethernet and SONET standards," said Kevin Nary, vice president of engineering, Inphi Corporation. "Its performance across a wide range of frequencies, the use of QFN packaging for affordability and ease-of-use, and the part.s low jitter and clean eye characteristics, make this solution unique in the industry."

The 2080MX is a 4:1 multiplexer (mux) operating at rates up to 20 Gbps for use in SONET OC-192 applications, broadband test and measurement equipment, and telecom transmission systems. The Mux accepts four differential data channels at data rates from DC to 5 Gbps and combines them into a serial data stream at data rates up to 20 Gbps.

The 2080MX uses a clock from the host system whose frequency is equal to the output serial data rate, and divides it into the clocks needed for latching the four input data channels and for multiplexing the data. Additionally, five of the new 2080MX devices can be configured as a 16:1 multiplexer for use in designs requiring broadband from DC up to 20 Gbps. Levering Inphi.s existing 50 Gbps products, users can configure four 2080 multiplexers with one Inphi 5080MX to produce a 16:1 multiplexer that operate from DC to 50 Gbps, for ultra-high bandwidth designs.

All data and clock I/O use +3.3 V current mode logic (CML) buffers and include on-chip 50 Ohm back-terminations to +3.3V. When connecting any of the I/O to a 50 Ohm to GND system, DC blocks must be used. The 2080MX operates from a single +3.3 V DC power supply with a low power consumption of approximately 1.5 watts. Output amplitudes are 1V peak-to-peak differential.

Price and Availability
The new 2080MX is expected to sell for $700.00 in small quantities. Parts and evaluation boards are available immediately. A space-qualified part will be available in Q2 2006. For more information, contact Inphi Corporation directly at 805-446-5100.

About Inphi Corporation
Founded in November 2000, Inphi Corporation is a privately held electronic components company based in Westlake Village, California. Inphi delivers high-speed precision integrated circuits that optimize power, performance, and size, enabling customers to build the highest performance, most cost-competitive telecommunications, data communications, and instrumentation systems.

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