Monotype Imaging, Ikivo Offer Multilingual Text for SVG Mobile Phones

2/3/2006 - Ikivo AB, the leading provider of SVG software solutions for mobile devices, and Monotype Imaging Inc., a global provider of font and imaging software technologies, have partnered to introduce scalable, multilingual text capabilities into multimedia SVG products for the mobile phone market.

"Our work with Ikivo has shown impressive results in rendering and displaying multilingual text within Ikivo's SVG-based technologies," said John Seguin, senior vice president and general manager of Monotype Imaging's Display Imaging group. "Script-related capabilities that were previously unrefined or unavailable within SVG, such as support for Hindi, are included in our solution that integrates with Ikivo's offerings. Through the use of high-quality scalable fonts and advanced multilingual text features, new opportunities will emerge for handset manufacturers, wireless operators, content creators and application providers for differentiating and improving the quality of their products or services for national, regional or global markets."

"Monotype Imaging offers not only optimized display quality and rich language capabilities but also support for minimal CPU and storage requirements critical for memory-constrained mobile phones," said Bradley Sipes, vice president of operations and chief technology officer of Ikivo. "We look forward to working closely with Monotype Imaging in bringing multimedia SVG, advanced font and multilingual capabilities to low, mid and high-end mobile devices, and leveraging our base of over 60 million Ikivo powered mobile phones that are in circulation today."

Monotype Imaging's iType® font engine, based on the TrueType® and OpenType® industry-standard font formats, has been integrated into the Ikivo SVG Player, offering developers of low- to high-end feature phones a multimedia client framework solution complete with scalable font support. In addition, the Ikivo Animator content authoring tool includes support for the iType rasterizer, giving content developers access to the client framework environment within the content creation workflow process.

The Ikivo products will also feature Monotype Imaging's WorldTypeTM Layout Engine, a modular software library that enables the on-screen composition, positioning and rendering of multilingual text, including complex scripts. The technology handles various intricacies of composition and layout such as bi-directional text flow, contextual character substitution and positioning, ligatures, accents and the intermixing of text and graphics.

Demonstrations of the Ikivo/Monotype integrated solution will take place at the Swedish Pavilion Hall 2, Stand G26 at the 3GSM World Congress event in Barcelona, Feb. 13-16, 2006.

About Ikivo AB
Ikivo AB, based in Stockholm, Sweden, is the leading developer of software solutions for mobile SVG. These solutions address the needs of mobile device manufacturers, mobile operators and content creators, empowering them to create and enable rich, compelling media services for mass-market mobile phones. Core products include the Ikivo SVG Player, an open standard, compliant technology that allows phone manufacturers to enable their devices for mobile SVG, and Ikivo Animator, a professional content creation tool that integrates into any design workflow to animate static SVG content for mobile phones. Ikivo is an active participant in the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), instrumental in driving industry standards and shaping the future of mobile graphics.

About Monotype Imaging
Based in Woburn, Mass. with regional offices in the U.K., Chicago, Redwood City, Calif., Japan and China, Monotype Imaging provides fonts and font technologies to graphic professionals, software developers and manufacturers of printers and display devices. The company also provides print drivers and color imaging technologies to OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). Monotype Imaging is home to the Monotype typeface library, a collection that includes widely used designs such as the Arial®, Times New Roman® and Gill Sans® typeface families. Monotype Imaging offers fonts and industry-standard solutions for most of the world's written languages.

Monotype, iType and WorldType are trademarks of Monotype Imaging Inc. registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office and may be registered in certain jurisdictions. Arial, Times New Roman and Gill Sans are trademarks of The Monotype Corporation registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office and may be registered in certain jurisdictions. TrueType is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. OpenType is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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