SIDSA Rolls Out LOREN DVB-H Demodulator Chip for Mobile TV Services

2/1/2006 - LOREN IC is a revolutionary DVB-H demodulator chip that enables the Industry to have fast time to market in their Mobile TV solutions that thanks to its unbeatable flexibility.

SIDSA, the international provider of Digital TV and Broadband solutions, products and services, has been developing the LOREN chip over the last two years to have a solid and fully commercial product. Now available in the market, LOREN-IC allows to receive all kind of mobile TV services, including added-value applications (advanced ESG) and TV services such as Video on demand, with a world wide coverage.

LOREN-IC is the fist chip available in the international market that may receive all mobile TV services and is compatible with all the standards. The chip, fully commercial and successfully tested, will soon be used in different pre-commercial DVB-H experiences worldwide.

The chip fully implements DVB-T and DVB-H standards, and it is very flexible, supporting different interfaces with the host: SDIO, Compact Flash, USB & Ethernet. Besides it is thought to be multi-band, supporting L-band and UHF. SIDSA is also marketing the IP (Intellectual Property) of its LOREN chip design.

Thanks to its plug&play philosophy and maximizing the use of the IP protocol stack it allows for a fast time to market to key Industry players using it. Basically no need of specific middleware SW or specific drivers is required to work with LOREN IC.

SIDSA is also offering Network Interfaces Modules, the complete solution working according key standardisation fora: OMA & CBMS. LOREN NIM is available in external plug&play and smaller compact versions to be integrated into PDAs or cellular phones.

Its fully integrated software allows LOREN NIM, specially when combined to KeyFlyTM +mobile SIDSA's Service Protection and Purchase, to fully exploit the possibilities of Mobile TV, allowing Service Providers to start new business models.

SIDSA will exhibit at 3GSM World Congress that will take place between February 13th and February 16th in the CY14 Spanish Pavilion, The Courtyard.

SIDSA (Semiconductores Investigación y Diseño SA) is an international Provider of Global Solutions, Products and Services in the fields of Digital TV, IP TV, Mobile TV, Conditional Access systems and Broadband. It offers a wide range of multimedia products: from its own System on Chip (SoC) integrated circuits to global and vertical integrated solutions to its customers, allowing them to get the best of it and generating new profitable business models. Created in 1992, initially as a Design House of Semiconductor components and ASICs (Custom integrated circuits), SIDSA has become a highly reputed international provider with a design centre in Tres Cantos (Madrid) and offices in The Silicon Valley, California.

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