da Vinci Systems Leverages Scalability of Aspex's Linedancer Processors

2/1/2006 - Aspex® Semiconductor, a UK-based fabless semiconductor company, announced today that Aspex customer da Vinci Systems, a leading provider of colour enhancement and image restoration products, has leveraged the "plug and play" scalability of Aspex's Linedancer processors to help enable the expansion of its Resolve® product line and introduction of the new PowerGridTM acceleration platform. Launched last year, da Vinci's PowerPlantTM image processing accelerator board implements six Aspex Linedancer extreme processors to address the specific requirements of varying post production environments. By taking advantage of the devices' software-programmable, highly flexible and scalable nature, da Vinci has developed its PowerGrid acceleration platform. Composed of multiple PowerPlant accelerator boards, PowerGrid has dramatically increased the speed and performance available in da Vinci's Resolve product line. The inclusion of Aspex Linedancer processors has played a key role in the expansion of the product line, enabling da Vinci to address multiple price/performance points without any significant re-engineering.

da Vinci now offers three new hardware configurations of its Resolve digital mastering suite designed to address specific user needs, whilst enabling studios to leverage further processing power and tools as their business opportunities and requirements grow. Resolve FX uses one PowerPlant accelerator board to provide an entry-level non-linear colour enhancement solution with significantly higher performance than competing products. da Vinci customers can upgrade this system to Resolve DI - which utilises a pair of PowerPlant boards that deliver a greater volume of throughput. Resolve RT is da Vinci's top of the range digital mastering suite for non-linear, real-time colour grading and conforming. This system uses PowerGrid3, a set of three PowerPlant boards, which implements three times as many Aspex Linedancer processors as the Resolve FX product but without incurring three times the investment in development.

"One of the key benefits of Linedancer is the software-programmable, scaleable processing fabric that allows customers to easily address multiple product price-performance points in their markets," said Jeremy Hendy, VP Marketing at Aspex. "da Vinci's new product lines are a testament to Linedancer's unique linear scalability. From a single product development effort, da Vinci has continued to create and expand their product line without any major re-engineering, enabling them to address a broad range of requirements, from low cost, entry-level products, through to the extreme performance demanded by their most sophisticated customers. As digital cinema evolves to 4K and beyond, the scalability of Linedancer will allow straightforward evolution of the core platform to address future customer needs."

"One of the major factors in adopting Aspex's processors as the heart of our Resolve family was the promise of improved Return-On-Investment," said Bill Robertson, General Manager of da Vinci. "By moving to a common, software-defined core platform, we can keep our engineering talent focused on high value, creative tasks, such as adding new features, rather than re-inventing the wheel. We now have a platform that can be fully scaled to meet the performance needs of even our most demanding customers, while also allowing us to address a new market segment with affordable, entry-level products. The scalability of Linedancer also allows these lower cost systems to be upgraded as soon as the user's workload demands more performance."

About Aspex Semiconductor Limited
Aspex Semiconductor is a leading edge fabless semiconductor company specialising in the delivery of extreme processors. These high-performance programmable processors replace FPGAs, ASICs and DSPs at a fraction of the cost.

Aspex enables customers to reduce component costs, shorten time to market and reduce risk by moving to software defined platforms. In addition, the company offers services to speed adoption of Aspex products. Aspex Semiconductor has successfully demonstrated its architecture in the market place and by optimising the unique benefits of the Aspex processor family, customers are able to keep pace with the most demanding market conditions.

Headquartered in Buckinghamshire, UK, Aspex serves clients and partners worldwide.

About da Vinci Systems, Inc.
da Vinci Systems, a JDSU company, is the leading provider of colour enhancement and image restoration products used in post-production facilities worldwide. Incorporating the company's Emmy® Award-winning technology, da Vinci's products support SDTV, HDTV, data, and digital film. Since the introduction of the company's first color corrector in 1984, da Vinci has been a front-runner in the field of image enhancement, shaping color enhancement into the vital role it holds in post production today. The company is headquartered in Coral Springs, Fla., with offices in Los Angeles, New York, London, France, Germany, and Singapore.

Resolve® is a registered trademark of da Vinci Systems. PowerPlantTM and PowerGridTM are trademarks of da Vinci Systems.

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