MaxStream's 9XTend and 9XStream RF Modems Include Broadcast Repeater

2/1/2006 - MaxStream's award-winning 9XTend and 9XStream RF product families now incorporate sophisticated broadcast repeater communication. MaxStream is recognized as the premiere connectivity solution for a wide variety of electronics applications, and the addition of a repeater mode further increases the reliability and range of its products.

"The feature-sets of the XTend and the XStream have become more advanced with the introduction of the broadcast repeater function," said Hugh Nielsen, MaxStream's Chief Technology Officer. "Activating the repeater mode extends the range of the network by allowing each node to receive and forward all broadcast transmissions, thus allowing nodes outside of direct RF range to communicate. MaxStream's unique implementation allows for seemingly unlimited range and multiple transmission paths that ensure accuracy."

Device addressing and intelligent algorithms permit the radios in broadcast repeater mode to recognize designated data packets and avoid infinitely looping transmissions.

For over a year, the 9XTend has been regarded as the measure of excellence in the wireless networking industry, with advanced features such as 256-bit AES encryption, energy-conserving sleep modes, adjustable output power up to 1 Watt and a point-to-point range up to 40 miles. The 900 MHz 9XTend includes approvals from governing agencies for use in North America, Israel and Australia and options such as a NEMA-4x rated enclosure or Class I, Division 2 certification.

The form-factor compatible 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz XStream RF solutions have been implemented in numerous product applications worldwide and offer reliable, robust communications.

Because of the reliable and feature-rich technology that the XTend and XStream product families have to offer, industries such as electronic signage, oil & gas, electric utility monitoring and security applications utilize MaxStream. Despite the advanced features, MaxStream RF technology is designed to be easy-to-useómaking it ideal for critical applications that require a rapid development cycle. Systems integrators are also able to harness the benefits of long-range wireless communications by using the various stand-alone RF modems that feature RS-232/485, USB, Ethernet or telephone connectivity.

General availability begins mid-February, but beta upgrades to broadcast repeater enabled firmware is available on request from MaxStream.

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