Sena's Parani100 IP Gateway Connects Bluetooth Devices to Ethernet Network

1/31/2006 - The Parani100 is a Bluetooth to IP gateway that connects Bluetooth devices to 10/100 Base-T Ethernet network. Supporting point to multipoint connectivity to seven points, it transmits data from each Bluetooth terminal to management station via TCP/IP at a rate of 723Kbit/s. The unit is designed for large-scale wireless installations especially in industrial, medical and banking sectors, which are traditionally fitted with serial connections.

The Parani100 supports various operating modes including TCP server, TCP client, repeater, vertex and RS232 modes. TCP server mode allows management station to initiate a TCP connection to the Bluetooth device attached to the Parani100.

And in TCP client mode, the Parani100 receives data from serial device and establishes a TCP connection to management station. This mode is useful in applications like barcode readers where serial device needs to initiate the connection.

In repeater mode, the Parani100 expands the range of the wireless network. And in serial hub mode, it acts as a hub for point-to-point communication between two Bluetooth devices or as an interface between a Bluetooth master and a series of slave devices.

The Parani100 supports profiles including serial port, LAN access, PAN and dial-up networking to keep Bluetooth devices interoperating smoothly and easily. Serial port profile enables Bluetooth support for serial data connections. LAN access profile provides network access and dial-up networking profile provides modem services. Security is handled through the Radius authentication protocol.

The Parani100 runs on an embedded Linux operating system, with Flash memory for easy software upgrades, and built-in web server and web interface for quick installation, and remote configuration and management. The unit comes with LED indicators for power, status, error and RJ45 connections. Nominal transmit range is 120m.

In industrial applications, the Parani100 connects devices such as sensors, instruments, actuators, and other industrial equipment to wireless Bluetooth communications.

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