TenAsys INtime 3.03 Supports for Windows XP Professional x64 Edition

1/31/2006 - TenAsys Corporation announces immediate availability of its newest release of INtime 3.0 software: version 3.03, which will be demonstrated in the Intel and Microsoft booths at the Embedded World show (Nürnberg, Germany - February 14-16, 2006). INtime version 3.03 contains several new features designed to enhance the deployment of real-time Windows XP platforms. This update is free to all existing INtime 3.0 customers.

New features and enhancements in update 3 of INtime 3.0 include:

A fully-functional evaluation copy of INtime 3.0 can be downloaded.

Support for Win64
The new release of INtime now supports Windows XP x64 Edition, enabling 64-bit Windows applications to be deployed to run as cooperative processes with INtime real-time applications on a single hardware platform. The addition of support for Win64 platforms means complex, memory-intensive, hard, real-time Windows applications can now be deployed.

Integration with Visual Studio 2005
The INtime 3.0 real-time development environment is fully integrated with Microsoft's Visual Studio 2005 IDE, the first real-time OS to provide this level of integration, eliminating the need to master a second set of development tools. Developers can edit, compile, link, debug, and trap process faults in their real-time Windows applications without ever leaving the Visual Studio development environment.

In the event of a CPU fault, the affected real-time process is suspended and the Visual Studio debugger opens at the precise point of the exception; unrelated processes continue to run without interruption.

Virtual Ethernet Driver
Also included in the new release, the INtime virtual Ethernet system adds a virtual network connection between Windows and the INtime 3.0 real-time environment. The TenAsys virtual Ethernet driver passes packets directly from the Windows driver interface to the INtime driver interface.

.Net to INtime Interface Component
The INtime NTX API is a library that provides C and C++ Windows applications with the means to coordinate and share data with real-time INtime processes. A new .Net component has been added so that any .NET language, such as Visual Basic and C#, can communicate with applications deployed on the INtime real-time virtual machine.

Windows XP Embedded SLD File
This release of INtime 3.0 contains a Microsoft Component Definition file (an SLD file) for building embedded INtime real-time applications optimized for the Windows XPe platform. The INtime SLD file is compatible with all versions of Windows XPe. The INtime SLD file includes multiple macro components that define typical usage scenarios of the INtime environment on a Windows XPe platform, such as "minimal," "networking," and "host" configurations. A "kernel" configuration page is also provided to simplify the configuration of the INtime environment's operating parameters when deployed on the XPe target system.

About INtime and TenAsys
INtime software, the only protected-mode real-time operating system for Microsoft Windows, is fully integrated within the Microsoft Visual Studio development environment. INtime applications execute with guaranteed determinism as fully-protected user-mode processes in concurrence with the Microsoft Windows operating system on standard PC hardware. Because real-time application code executes in user-mode the INtime environment is immune to application faults that crash kernel-mode driver solutions.

Support for dual-core processors offers increased flexibility for supporting a range of Intel Architecture platforms. Dual-core processor systems can be configured for shared or exclusive operation. A shared system splits one CPU between the INtime RTOS and Windows, whereas exclusive operation dedicates one CPU to the INtime RTOS and its real-time processes. In 2005, TenAsys celebrated 25 years of continuous use of their iRMX RTOS product. Customers worldwide have entrusted TenAsys' RTOS products to provide reliable deterministic control of their Intel x86 architecture embedded computers in a wide array of mission critical applications including: medical, telecomm, industrial control, robotics, test & measurement, and military.

For the second year in a row Microsoft has recognized TenAsys as its Windows Embedded Partner of the Year. Cited for its efforts as an independent software vendor in enhancing the performance of Microsoft's Windows operating system for mission-critical, real-time applications, TenAsys is the only software company to receive this award two years in a row.

TenAsys, INtime and iRMX are registered trademarks of TenAsys Corporation.

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