Hunt Engineering Ready-to-Go with HERON FPGA Design System

1/26/2006 - Hunt Engineering has launched its new range of HERON Ready-to-Go systems.

The Ready-to-Go range offers a choice of fully featured USB connected hardware supplied complete with software APIs, tools, tutorials, IP and examples. Each system includes all the essential elements for use straight out of the box to enable users to implement their FPGA design quickly. Example projects are included which can be used as a quick starting point. In addition, users have no need to worry about hardware details as VHDL is supplied that can be used to access the hardware features with guaranteed timings and protocols.

Systems connect to a PC using Hi-Speed USB. Users can download their FPGA design and then exchange data between the FPGA and the PC at up to 40Mbytes/second. When they have completed the FPGA design it can be programmed into the configuration PROM, they can pull the USB cable and the system can then be used standalone if required.

The RTG001 is the first system in the Ready-to-Go range. It is a programmable USB connected fast data acquisition and FPGA processing system. RTG001 offers two channels of 210Msps 12 bit A/D, two channels of 160Msps 16 bit D/A and eight user programmable Digital I/Os combined with a 1.5M gates Xilinx Virtex-II FPGA. The complete system is available for a price of just £2,650. A 3M gates FPGA option is also available.

Each Ready-to-Go system will be delivered complete with USB connected FPGA/DSP hardware of choice, USB cable, I/O cables to interface to the peripherals, mains Power Supply Unit and a CD of all documentation, software tools and examples. The only additional item the user will need will be FPGA or DSP development tools.

HERON Ready-to-Go systems are completely programmable and can be used for the suggested application or in any way the user may choose. The kits are ideal for both FPGA/DSP beginners and experts alike, for rapid prototyping or entry level use.

"HERON Ready-to-Go kits are feature-rich and powerful programmable systems which offer a flexible approach to off-the-shelf systems at a very competitive price," said Pete Warnes, Technical Director of Hunt Engineering.

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