Technosoft Rolls Out EasyMotion Studio for Motion Control Programming

1/25/2006 - Technosoft presents EasyMotion Studio, the new software platform designed for drives/motors setup and motion programming. The software exploits the key advantage of Technosoft products: their ability to execute complex motion without requiring an external controller, thanks to their built-in motion controller.

Now, engineers can fully use the benefits offered by the new Technosoft drives/motors features integrated in this software. The motors are more accurately and quickly controlled with the 100 Ás speed and position control feature; users can design custom trajectories with PVT and PT interpolation; with electronic gearing and absolute/ relative cams they can simultaneously control motors with different speeds and build synchronized motion for drives/ motors. The user always knows what is happenning in the drives/motors network, through the task confirmation via messages feature.

All the new features implemented in EasyMotion Studio are described on online.

Another major benefit for the operators is the easy use of EasyMotion Studio, as the setup and motion programming parts are developed separately: the EasySetUp software for drive/motor setup, and the Motion Wizard for motion programming.

EasySetUp allows a quick setup of the drive/motor application using only two dialogs: Drive Dialog and Motor Dialog. This module is recommended when motion programming and control are done via an external device like an industrial PC or PLC, using motion libraries. The output of EasySetUp is a collection of setup data that can be downloaded into a drive/motor EEPROM or saved on a PC. At power-on, the setup data saved in a drive/motor EEPROM is used for initialization. EasySetUp offers the possibility of retrieving the complete setup information from a previously programmed drive/motor.

Motion Wizard provides a simple, graphical way of creating motion programs written in Technosoft Motion Language (TML). Motion Wizard automatically generates all the TML instructions, so users don't need to learn or write any TML code.

EasyMotion Studio is the perfect choice for motion programming using TML. This language simplifies complex applications, by distributing the intelligence between the master and the drives/motors. Thus, instead of trying to command each step of an axis motion from the master, it's possible to program the drives/motors to execute complex tasks, and to inform the master when these tasks have been completed.

A demo version of EasyMotion Studio as well as the free EasySetUp module can be downloaded.

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