Measurement Computing Debuts 2 Battery Powered Temperature Dataloggers

1/19/2006 - Measurement Computing Corporation, the market leader in low-cost data acquisition, announced the addition of two battery powered temperature dataloggers to its growing datalogger line. These battery powered dataloggers are offered in two models: the USB-501 for remote temperature logging, and the USB-502 for remote temperature and relative humidity logging. These products are the perfect, cost-effective solution for long- or short-term data logging applications.

Bill Kennedy, MCC's Vice President of Sales and Marketing, commented, "Our dataloggers help engineers reduce their setup time and eliminate the need to drag around expensive equipment to make field or factory measurements. For those customers who do not need the full capacity of our 5200 series dataloggers, the 500 series provides a low-cost, simple interface to configure, download, display, and export logged data. Our new USB-501 and 502 units are perhaps the most convenient, easy-to-use dataloggers on the market."

Both the USB-501 and USB-502 log up to 16,382 temperature measurements in the -35 to +80 C (-31 to +176 F) range. The USB-502 additionally supports up to 16,382 additional relative humidity measurements over the full 0 to 100 percent range. Rates for both dataloggers can be set from 10-second to 12-hour intervals.

The loggers plug directly into a standard PC or laptop USB port for setup and data download.

The included USB-500 Series Data Logging Application software supports both products. This user-friendly, intuitive software is used initially to configure the loggers, program alarm thresholds, logging rates, start times, and measurement units. When the loggers are retrieved from the field, the software provides simple one-click access to download, display, and export the data.

With the included USB-500 Data Logging Application software, the user can display time-stamped temperature, relative humidity, dew point, and alarm limits on a powerful strip chart graph. The data can also be downloaded to a text or a .csv (comma separator values) file. Supporting these file types allows users to easily export the logged data to Excel. With one mouse click, spreadsheets and reports are easily generated. The software and USB-500 series dataloggers are compatible with Windows 2000/XP.

The USB-501 and USB-502 dataloggers are packaged in a sturdy plastic shell with a cap and seal, and are about the size of a thumb. Dust/moisture protection is supported to IP67 standards. A long-life, replaceable lithium battery is included that will power the logger up to a full year. Each logger comes with a small mounting bracket that can be used in the field to hold the logger while it is collecting data. Logger status is indicated by flashing red/green and amber LED's.

The USB-501 temperature-only datalogger is offered for $59. The USB-502 for temperature, relative humidity, and dew point sells for $79.

Measurement Computing Corporation is the data acquisition market leader in the design and manufacture of low-priced, computer-based, test and measurement hardware and software. Numerous hardware product offerings for analog input, analog output and digital I/O devices support USB, Ethernet, PCI, ISA, PCMCIA, and PC/104 buses. Serial and GPIB interfaces along with remote dataloggers complete the DAQ and Test & Measurement offerings. Software solutions for the programmer and non-programmer alike are offered as well as drivers for popular graphical programming languages like LabVIEW. The company, founded in 1989, markets its products throughout the world.

Product Price and Status
USB-501: $59, Shipping January 17
USB-502: $79, Shipping January 17

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