VMETRO Introduces Rugged and Semi-Rugged SAN Storage Media

1/18/2006 - At the Bus & Board Conference 2006, VMETRO expanded its Fibre Channel Storage Area Network media offering to include JBOD disk arrays for use in harsh environments. These new storage subsystems demonstrate VMETRO's approach to enabling high-speed, streaming data recording applications in all environments. At less than one tenth of the cost of solid state storage, the rugged SANbric and semi-rugged SANcab products offer affordable alternatives to expensive flash memory storage devices. Two levels of isolation from harsh environments are provided such that industry standard Fibre Channel disks can be used in many applications previously considered too harsh for rotating media devices. The SANbric and SANcab storage subsystems are specifically designed for use in the harsh environments typically found in military aerospace intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance applications that include ELINT, COMINT, SIGINT, SAR, MTI, SDR and others.

The SANbric is a removable rugged storage device with a 6-disk JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks). It is designed to tolerate high shock, vibration, altitude and temperature conditions. The SANbric is isolated during deployment in a protective shock isolation frame. The SANbric retains 6" x 3.5" Fibre Channel disk drives and can be connected to a fibre channel adapter or switch for scalability in a Fibre Channel Storage Area Network configuration. This harsh environment removable storage device supports the sustained performance up to the 385 MB/s provided by VMETRO's Vortex Data Recording Engines.

The SANcab is a semi-rugged rack mount storage cabinet. Multiple cabinet configurations are available including disk storage only or disk storage with a VME or CompactPCI backplane to serve as a mechanical integration platform for complete recorder applications. The standard configuration for the SANcab is a 4 slot 6U VME backplane and up to 12 disk drives. Configured as a storage device only, the SANcab holds up to 18 shock mounted fibre channel disk drives. In addition to the standard main power supply, the SANcab can be delivered with options for airborne power requirements such as 110V AC 400Hz and 24 and 48V DC. The SANcab is a budget-friendly alternative between commercial grade equipment and more ruggedized alternatives like the SANbric.

VMETRO provides integrators of high-end embedded computer systems with products and services, from development through deployment, with the highest levels of performance, innovation and reliability. The products are based mostly on open standards like VXS, PCI Express, VME, PCI and CompactPCI. Founded in 1986 in Oslo, Norway, and in the US since 1987, VMETRO is the world's largest manufacturer of bus analyzers for standard buses such as VME, PCI and PCI Express. VMETRO also offers an extensive line of high-performance signal processing solutions, real-time data recorders, PMC I/O controllers and modules for real-time data processing, acquisition and networking. VMETRO has been traded on the Oslo Stock Exchange (Ticker:VME) since 1997.

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