VMETRO Introduces SFM Quad Serial FPDP PMC/XMC Module

1/18/2006 - VMETRO expands its range of high-performance PMC/XMC modules with the SFM Quad Serial FPDP module. The SFM supports up to four simultaneous serial FPDP (VITA 17.1-2003) channels. Until now, Serial FPDP cards have typically had just one channel. This new four channel interface card provides a higher level of functional density without creating a bottleneck getting the data to and from the baseboard. the functional density and high performance is especially important for high performance data recorders, high-channel density sensor arrays and high-end DSP systems. The simplicity and wide support for Serial FPDP makes it ideal for a wide range of real-time embedded computer solutions.

In order to achieve optimal performance, VMETRO implemented the SFM with separate DMA controllers for each channel. The SFM PMC module supports PCI-X data transfers at speeds up to 133 MHz. The SFM XMC module supports PCI Express via the XMC connectors and provides the full 2.5Gbps data rate per channel. Using PCI-X and PCI Express this way enables more than one sFPDP transfer to happen simultaneously.

"The SFM is the marketís highest performance Serial FPDP module", says Jeremy Banks, Product Manager at VMETRO, "offering our customers the sensor I/O density and performance they need for their next generation applications."

The product is available in single, dual and quad versions to better fit the application.


VMETRO provides integrators of high-end embedded computer systems with products and services, from development through deployment, with the highest levels of performance, innovation and reliability. The products are based mostly on open standards like VXS, PCI Express, VME, PCI and CompactPCI. Founded in 1986 in Oslo, Norway, and in the US since 1987, VMETRO is the world's largest manufacturer of bus analyzers for standard buses such as VME, PCI and PCI Express. VMETRO also offers an extensive line of high-performance signal processing solutions, real-time data recorders, PMC I/O controllers and modules for real-time data processing, acquisition and networking. VMETRO has been traded on the Oslo Stock Exchange (Ticker:VME) since 1997.

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