Oscar-Winning Post House Selects DVS Systems

1/17/2006 - DVS marks another significant sale in England. From 2006 on the well-known post house The Mill will work with the German DI-Team comprising the products CLIPSTER, Pronto2K and DVS-SAN.

The Soho-based company has won an Academy Award for its visual effects and has been nominated a number of BBC awards. The DVS systems will assist The Mill in working on their extraordinary productions. The systems including CLIPSTER, Pronto2K and DVS-SAN will be used primarily for works on TV commercials.

The Mill wants to profit from the advantages offered by the DVS systems. The DVS environment provides editors and VFX artists with instant access to 2K, HD and SD data, getting all the quality advantages of a disk based system as well. Using CLIPSTER, operators benefit in particular from its multi-resolution real-time zoom and pan, conforming, cropping and versioning features. The DVS-SAN system installed at The Mill provides a very high bandwidth, designed to handle concurrently either 4 x 2K or 6 uncompressed HD video streams. Being a central storage, the attached VFX workstations also have direct access to the data, making tape copying unnecessary.

Roy Trosh, CTO: "We have been working on this project very closely with DVS for some time, both in Hanover and London. Their leading-edge products and down-to-earth approach to problem solving gives us a lot of confidence in what we are doing."

Hans-Ulrich Weidenbruch, CEO of DVS: "Once more the benefits of our products instantly convinced a customer to base his work on our technology. We are delighted to gain an award-winning customer such as The Mill to use DVS systems."

The sale was made by Root6, the UK reseller of DVS, who furthermore was announced DVS' reseller of the year.

More information is available online.

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