GAO Research's V.92 Softmodem Powers State-of-the-Art Video Phone

1/9/2006 - GAO Research Inc., a leading provider of embedded communication software, has supplied its V.92 modem software to power a new, state-of-the-art video phone as part of a large-scale migration towards Voice over IP by a leading Telecommunications Service Provider (currently under NDA) operating in over 15 countries. Connecting at speeds of up to 56 kbps, GAO's V.92 modem provides the high-speed connection required for simultaneous real-time video and speech, without the use of expensive broadband networks. The collaborative integration efforts between GAO Research Inc., and GAO's embedded design service partners, resulted in unprecedented real-time video and speech quality over PSTN. The cutting-edge videophone is now slated for wide deployment in many parts of the world. The phone is available as two designs: one with TI's C64xx DSP core (including DM64x with video support) as well as another version for Intel's Xscale. Both versions include GAO's v.92 softmodem supported on the TI and Intel architecture.

"We are extremely pleased to have our modem software integrated into these new video phone designs intended for global deployment," said Dr. Frank Gao, President of GAO Research Inc. "The lack of a broadband network is still a bottleneck for the evolution of multimedia telecommunications to the general public in many countries. Our high performance V.92 modem takes advantage of ubiquitous and affordable POTS lines. Modem software and optimization has always been at the core of our research and development, and this expertise came through for our Telecom Service Provider customer during this project. The performance of this video phone has surpassed the expectations of many of its end-users."

GAO's softmodems have driven profitability and significantly lowered volume manufacturing costs for its OEM customers without compromising on performance. GAO makes this possible through its long standing DSP and microprocessor code optimization expertise leading to efficient, small-footprint data pump code.

The ITU-T V.92 standard employs pulse code modulation (PCM) in the upstream direction, supplying a data rate of up to 48 kbps; a significant improvement over V.90. The earlier V.90 standard uses the same upstream modulation as V.34 for a limited speed of 33.6 kbps. This improvement proves most useful in applications that involve large data transfers from user to ISP, such as VoIP. GAO's V.92 soft modem features include Modem-on-Hold, and quicker connection time over previous standards, achieved through faster handshaking. Connection time for V.92 is up to 50% quicker than V.90 for buffered connections.

GAO's V.92 Soft Modem Features:

About GAO Research Inc.
GAO is the market-leader in embedded telecom software products for DSP & Microprocessor environments, and one of the fastest growing companies in Canada. GAO has a global repeat customer base within OEM markets for Internet phones, set-top boxes, feature phones, DVD players, defense, software modems, wireless devices, modem pools and terminal devices. GAO's customers include Motorola, Lucent, Alcatel, Qualcomm, Philips, Terayon, Telcordia (formerly Bellcore), OKI, Marconi, Siemens, Infineon, Mitsubishi, Intercom, LG Electronics, Toshiba, and other market leaders please visit.

GAO's embedded software modules include Soft Modems (V.92, V.90, V.34 and fallbacks), Fax (V.34, V.17, and fallbacks), Telephony (AEC, LEC, CID, etc.), Speech Codecs (G.7xx), T.38 Fax over IP, and VoIP modules on the widest range of processor and DSP platforms. GAO's DSP algorithms are ITU-T compliant, and offer a more economical alternative for OEMs during volume manufacturing of consumer and telecom devices, as compared to fixed function chipsets.

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