VMETRO Rolls Out Conduction Cooled, Rugged VXS Boards

1/5/2006 - VMETRO has shipped the first conduction cooled, rugged version of their Phoenix VPF1 dual-FPGA/dual-PowerPC VME/VXS Processing card. Phoenix is a family of innovative products designed to enable system solutions for real-time multi-processors with high-speed serial communications. Air cooled versions of the VPF1 have been shipping since mid 2004.

There has been some confusion in the industry regarding the ability to have conduction cooled VXS boards primarily because of how some in the industry have tried to pit the VITA 46 and VITA 48 standards against VXS (VITA 41). In reality, both VXS and VITA 46 boards can be delivered in conduction cooled versions to meet different application needs. Even without a VITA specification that addresses conduction cooled environments for VME or VXS boards, it is quite possible to design conduction cooled VME and VXS boards; VMETRO designed the conduction cooled VPF1 around industry standard IEEE 1156.1-1993 "IEEE Standard Microcomputer Environmental Specifications for Computer Modules." VMETRO has shown the world that not only is conduction cooled VXS possible, it is real and available to solve customer's problems today.

By bringing a rugged VPF1 to market, VMETRO now enables developers to deploy systems with substantially more compute power in autonomous vehicles like UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) than could be done previously.

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