Digi Expands ConnectCore Family with ARM7- and ARM9-based Core Modules

9/30/2005 - Digi International (NASDAQ: DGII) announced the expansion of its ConnectCore family of core modules to include the ConnectCoreTM 7U, ConnectCoreTM 9P 9360 and ConnectCoreTM 9P 9750. These new products are flexible, high-performance embedded core modules that enable customers to easily design in main processing functionality with fully integrated Ethernet networking capabilities in a powerful module solution. Based on NetSilicon's NS7520 processor, the ConnectCore 7U is the product family's first ARM7-based NET+ARM core processor module. The ConnectCore 9P 9360 and ConnectCore 9P 9750 modules are built on NetSilicon's ARM9-based NET+ARM processors, with the ConnectCore 9P 9750 offering superior performance with an on-chip PCI v2.2 bus interface.

"The new modules extend our ConnectCore family to provide OEMs greater software and hardware design flexibility," said Steve Ericson, director, product management, Digi International. "Our expanded ConnectCore product family is ideal for product designs demanding virtually any level of performance, connectivity and development platform flexibility. These modules are targeted for products including, access control systems, point-of-sale systems, RFID readers, medical devices and instrumentation, networked displays and many more."

Built on industry-leading NetSilicon 32-bit NET+ARM technology, the ConnectCore 7U is a powerful and universal embedded module in a compact 48-pin DIP (dual-inline package) form factor. It offers 16 MB of RAM and up to 8 MB of on-board Flash memory, an integrated 10/100 Mbit Ethernet MAC/PHY and configurable UART/SPI ports. It also features an I2C bus software interface, 16 shared GPIO ports for application-specific use, and an external 10-bit address/8-bit data bus interface for added component integration flexibility.

In addition to leveraging Digi's NET+OS and uClinux development platforms, ready-to-run application-focused development kits for Java, serial LCD integration, CAN bus communication, Bluetooth connectivity, CompactFlash/WLAN support and biometric fingerprint reading are available for the ConnectCore 7U modules.

The ConnectCore 9P modules combine superior ARM9-based NET+ARM processor performance and integrated peripherals such as 10/100 Mbit Ethernet, UART and SPI ports, USB 1.1/2.0 host/device connectivity, and an integrated LCD controller for TFT/STN displays. The modules include up to 128MB of on-board SDRAM and Flash memory in a compact and versatile module form factor. Whether the application requires the ThreadX®-based NET+OS environment, Microsoft® Windows® CE or Linux, the ConnectCore 9P modules are the ideal choice for network-enabled products.

"Our common embedded software platform and development tool offering reduces embedded product design by up to 50 percent," Ericson added. "It also allows customers to utilize the same design across multiple product lines and technologies. This minimizes development time and cost, and offers customers a seamless migration path to a fully integrated and cost-effective product design based on the NetSilicon NET+ARM family of processors."

ConnectCore 7U and ConnectCore 9P modules and development kits are available now.

About Digi International
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