EE Times Nominates Micro Memory's CoSine SoC for Ultimate Product Award

9/29/2005 - Underscoring the significance of its newly introduced CoSineTM System-on-Chip for real-time FPGA-based signal processing, Micro Memory announced that it has been named as a finalist by the editors of EE Times magazine in their "Ultimate Product" competition. CoSine is a highly integrated, completely preconfigured System-on-Chip for real-time FPGA-based signal processing. Bridging two high-speed interfaces (Serial RapidIO®, PCI-XTM, or PCI-ExpressTM) through a multi-port DDR controller, the elegant design enables non-contentious access to a User Programmable Logic (UPL) block and QDR II SRAM controller.

"Our nomination by the respected editors of EE Times further validates the technical capabilities of CoSine, and echoes what our customers are saying about its ability to enable next-generation signal processing equipment," said Mike Jadon, Director of Product Marketing, Micro Memory. "We are very encouraged to see this innovative product being embraced by both the user community and the industry's technical experts."

EE Times solicits input from its readers in ranking the "Ultimate Products" based on their features and performance capabilities in seven categories: analog ICs; processors, controls and memory (including DSP); components, interconnects and electromechanical; logic and programmable logic (including ASICs); power components and sources; RF and microwave; and test and measurement.

The products are nominated by the technical editors of eeProductCenter. Category specific ballots are sent to up to 1,000 targeted product users, soliciting ratings of the editors' selections. The results along with editorial product reviews, user ratings and comments, will be reported in a special "Ultimate Products" feature on October 3rd. Product raters are selected by their specified interests, based on the publication's qualification and on-line registration. Participating and competing manufacturers are excluded as raters, as are students. Registration information is matched for identity verification.

About CoSine
CoSine not only combines the functionality of several chips into a single device. With a focus towards processing real time data streams, CoSine's elegant architecture enables data to flow through different internal FPGA elements with non-contentious access. Multiple internal data buses and DMA engines provide for a flexible platform that supports various combinations of source/destination pathways. Intra-processor queue mechanisms and PowerPC functions involving message passing and command & control are abstracted from primary data paths to minimize overhead and enable maximum total bandwidth.

Similar to a structured or platform ASIC, CoSine's IP cores, memory controllers, specialized DMA engines, embedded processors and surrounding logic are factory preconfigured and supplied as a fully tested system. This provides users the ability to focus on application specific state machine processing in the UPL block without concerning themselves with coding other modules, complicated SoC integration, or verification. By providing a fully functional and verified solution, developers are given the opportunity to complete their custom logic and software in a complex SoC design faster than any other alternative approach. Supplying a proven design has the added benefit of greatly reducing the "multiple-variable" problem that can be so challenging for designers during the system debug process.

Fully leveraging the capabilities of the Xilinx Virtex-II Pro and Virtex-4 FX140 family of FPGAs, CoSine utilizes high speed Rocket I/O Multi-Gigabit transceivers for connectivity to serial switch fabrics such as the four full-duplex 3.125 Gb/s LVDS lines required by Serial RapidIO and PCI-Express.

About EE Times
For thirty years, EE Times has been the electronics industry newspaper of record. The publication breaks the stories that shape business, describing the technical implications and trade-offs with thoughtful analysis and compelling opinion. For more than 150,000 design and development engineers and technical managers, plus a projected pass-along circulation of 543,126, EE Times is a "must read" each week.

About Micro Memory
Micro Memory is a leading provider of board-level products for streaming signal and image processing, real-time data acquisition, and enterprise network storage. Headquartered in Chatsworth, Calif., the company's innovative products solve challenging problems for industry-leading OEM's and system solution providers.

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