Lamit Launches New Services in Africa for iDirect Platform

9/27/2005 - Along with the newly opened RSCC Express AM22 satellite services, a new satellite bandwidth has been opened on Panamsat PAS-10 satellite, thus bringing the whole continent of Africa under Lamit Company coverage, on iDirect platform. The required VSAT equipment needs only a 0,96 - 1,8m dish, depending on the customer's location. The new satellite services are intended for video/audio surveillances for highways (traffic control), naval and construction yards/sites, high security objectives, special applications or for applications such as border control, customs or private companies. The services are also intended for broadband satellite internet access, using shared or dedicated bandwidth.

The video/audio surveillance services represent the newest technology available yet, using mobile or fixed VSAT platforms, being available for installation, everywhere, anytime. The installation requires only a source of electricity, in the fix solution case, or not even that in the mobile's solution case. The tehnology behing iDirect permits low latency times, as never seen before, so the customer 's satisfaction and efficiency is brought to the maximum.

Any kind of location can be continuously monitored and surveyed, solutions to broadcast and record the audio/video stream, being also available, using dedicated hardware equipment. VPN connections over satellite, between offices, are a breeze to implement, thanks to UDcast solutions and products. The services are headed towards the locations where the access to information is reduced or not existent at all, offering an integrated solution, for any point of control or office. Broadband Internet + video/audio surveillance of the location.

About Lamit Company
Lamit Company represents one of the most important Satellite Service Providers in Eastern Europe and Romania. The coverage of the company's services include Europe, Africa and Middle East. The company implements VSAT, VoIP, VPN, Earth station systems, Streaming and IP acceleration solutions, trough digital satellite connections.

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