Roaming Messenger to Provide Integrated Crisis Response Systems

9/26/2005 - Prepared Response, Inc. (PRI) announced they have selected Roaming Messenger®, Inc. (OTCBB: RMSG) as their technology partner to provide mobile messaging capabilities to emergency response personnel. PRI's crisis management system, Rapid Responder(TM), gives police, fire and other emergency responders instant access to more than 300 site-specific data points, including tactical response plans, floor plans, satellite imagery, interior and exterior photos, staging areas, hazardous materials locations, utility shut-offs, and evacuation routes for schools and outlying buildings. By utilizing Roaming Messenger's interoperable mobile messaging platform, PRI's Rapid Responder system will be able to securely deliver crucial tactical information to handheld devices used by emergency responders and key personnel.

Roaming Messenger, as the single point of integration to the mobile world, simplifies extending the functionality of existing applications. Incorporating GPS functionality to locate and alert the appropriate responders, Roaming Messenger enables the delivery of critical information, escalation through chains of command, as well as returning updated information to incident command personnel.

"We are pleased that Prepared Response has chosen Roaming Messenger to enhance Rapid Responder's communication with mobile devices -- whether it is to handheld devices or command center desktops," said Jon Lei, CEO of Roaming Messenger. "Prepared Response, a leader in their market space, recognized that the ability to deliver critical information to the right person at the right time is the obvious next step for crisis management systems. We look forward to working with them to build out their state-of-the-art technology solutions for emergency responders at the local, state and federal levels."

"Roaming Messenger's mobile messaging platform will enhance the effectiveness of our Rapid Responder system," said Jim Finnell, PRI's president and CEO. "During an emergency, every second counts. Not only do first responders need instant notification, but also essential data unique to each incident. Roaming Messenger will allow Rapid Responder to quickly deliver vital information to people on the front lines who can then make decisions in real-time."

About Prepared Response, Inc.
Prepared Response Inc. develops crisis management planning and response systems that enable police, fire, and other emergency responders to save lives and mitigate property damage. The company's flagship product, Rapid Responder, runs on a laptop computer and allows first responders to instantly access over 300 site-specific data points, including tactical plans, floor plans, aerial, interior, and exterior photos, staging areas, hazardous materials locations, utility shut-offs, and evacuation routes for virtually any facility. The Rapid Responder system protects more than 3,806 facilities and is currently being deployed in educational facilities, public buildings, critical infrastructure, and private facilities across the U.S.

The privately held company, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, was formed in September 2000. Additional information can be found by calling 1-800-705-1856.

About Roaming Messenger, Inc.
Roaming Messenger is the provider of a breakthrough mobile messaging technology that delivers a completely new and better way for government agencies and corporations to extend information and business processes to the mobile world. The Company, based in Santa Barbara, California, has developed a proprietary technology that encapsulates workflow logic and data into smart software "messengers." Unlike regular e-mail and text messages, these messengers are encrypted, and have the ability to automatically move across wired and wireless devices, track down recipients, confirm receipt, deliver interactive content, and transmit real-time responses back to the sending application. The Roaming Messenger product is easily integrated into existing systems. It serves as a communication gateway to the mobile world for a variety of applications such as those used in emergency response, homeland security, logistics, healthcare, business continuity and financial services.

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