Nazomi, Excelsior Create Optimizing C Compiler for Multimedia Processors

9/19/2005 - Nazomi Communications, Inc., a leading developer of multimedia processors for mobile handsets, announced its partnership with Excelsior, LLC, a JVM and development tools vendor, which has resulted in the development of an optimizing C compiler for Nazomi's JA108, MX280 and future multimedia processors. These multimedia processors enable MPEG4 video, MP3 music, 2D/3D games and other multimedia applications on wireless handsets.

The compiler developed by Excelsior is being made available to Nazomi's worldwide customers. This tool enables mobile handset manufacturers and related third party ISVs to easily port existing C language video, audio and 2D/3D middlewares libraries for Nazomi's multimedia processors. This allows mobile handset carriers to deploy additional services for handsets equipped with Nazomi's multimedia processors. With ever increasing demand for middleware libraries, cell phone manufacturers can now offer field upgrades enabling additional revenue sources for phone carriers.

"The toolkit we developed for Nazomi is the first of its kind because it includes a C compiler that generates code for a family of Java hardware accelerators," said Vitaly Mikheev, Excelsior's CTO. "Nazomi's multimedia processor architecture is quite unique, and the creation of a production-quality optimizing compiler was a challenging and innovative project. It required a substantial amount of our compiler expertise."

"The project has been completed on time and on budget, a welcome result for such an R&D project, especially one that was outsourced," commented Mukesh Patel, CTO and Chairman of Nazomi Communications. "Excelsior provided us a complete solution that enables our customers to deploy additional multimedia features at a rapid pace."

The new C compiler toolset is available now from Nazomi. This toolset enables firmware developers to compile any C program, without any modifications or performance penalties. The JA108 and MX280 processors are compatible with many embedded microprocessor, SoC or mobile handset chipsets for GSM, GPRS, CDMA and WCDMA, PCS & PHS. They are compliant with all Java standards and adaptable to any Java virtual machine, offering Java-based, as well as native multimedia applications on wireless handsets. Nazomi's multimedia processors are designed to be completely transparent to existing designs and legacy operating systems.

About Excelsior
Excelsior, LLC provides top quality products and services for all stages of the software development lifecycle. Excelsior is an authorized licensee of the Java technology and particularly focuses its development on optimizing compilers and high-performance runtime environments. Excelsior has its headquarters in Novosibirsk Scientific Center, Russia.

About Nazomi Communications
Nazomi Communications, Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based fabless semiconductor company focused on delivering multimedia processors for mobile handsets. Its solutions enable hardware-based acceleration to dramatically speed, processing and performance of Java, video, imaging, 2D/3D graphics, animation, gaming, and other multimedia applications. Nazomi's technology is supplied in the form of stand-alone processors, combination memory devices and IP cores to well-known mobile phone makers and semiconductor companies worldwide. Its technology is incorporated in world-leading mobile phone makers such as Samsung, Sony-Ericsson, Sharp and SKTeletech. Nazomi holds fundamental patents on Java hardware acceleration technology.

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