Excel Software Adds UML Design and Code Generation to MacA&D OSX 1.1.4

9/16/2005 - Excel Software began shipping MacA&D OSX 1.1.4, a free update of its modeling tool that adds UML design and code generation enhancements for Objective-C programmers. MacA&D OSX brings requirements management, software modeling, code generation, reengineering and software design report generation to Mac OS X computers.

Objective-C is a popular programming language for Mac OS X computers included in Apple's Xcode development system. The language is a superset of ANSI C with object-oriented extensions that allow classes, categories and protocols to be defined, class-instantiated objects and messages sent between objects. The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is the industry standard notation for modeling object-oriented software. When the Objective-C language is selected in MacA&D, UML class diagrams are tailored to the language for modeling and code generation.

A software designer can draw class, category and protocol objects on a UML class model, then generate Objective-C interface and implementation code files. Generated code includes the full interface declarations with stubbed class methods in the implementation files. Developers can click from the model to the code file to complete the implementation of each class method.

MacA&D OSX 1.1.4 works with the new MacTranslator OSX reengineering tool to generate UML class diagrams from existing Objective-C source code. Developers get accurate models of unfamiliar code in minutes. Diagrams can be generated from other languages including class diagrams from C++, Java or Delphi, structure charts from C, Pascal, Basic or Fortran and data models from SQL. MacA&D OSX adds new reengineering features like the ability to locate clusters of related classes when generating diagrams. For Java, one command can generate a separate diagram for each package of classes.

The web page, www.excelsoftware.com/objectivec.html has a white paper titled, UML for Objective-C showing how to model Objective-C software with the UML notation. Class diagrams for Apple's Objective-C code examples and the Cocoa framework are available to developers as downloadable image files.

MacA&D OSX runs on Mac OS X 10.1 or later. Priced at $1995, MacA&D OSX includes sample projects, step-by-step tutorials and both printed and PDF manuals. See web site for site license information, product descriptions and online ordering.

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