Kane Computing to Distribute Bitec's DSP Daughter Boards

9/15/2005 - Kane Computing have recently signed an agreement with Bitec to become their main international distributor for Bitec's DSP Daughter Boards.

Bitec, a Texas Instruments third party partner, have created a number of daughter boards for use with TI DSP Starter Kits (DSKs). They have partnered with Kane Computing Ltd (KCL), who will be publicising, marketing and selling Bitec's products world wide (except for Taiwan and Korea).

Bitec chose KCL because of their unique position and reputation for selling and supporting TI development tools, and their long relationship with Spectrum Digital the largest manufacturer of TI DSKs.

Current products being sold by KCL include the unique DSKCam which is a daughtercard with on-board CMOS camera, Ethernet interface, RS232 serial port and optional Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi).

The board contains a 6Mbit frame buffer with a maximum colour camera resolution of 640x480 (VGA). Based on the Omnivision OV7620 CMOS sensor, the camera contains enhanced functions for windowing, filtering and colour balance. An onboard serial port based on the 16C550 UART permits up to 1Mbps transfer rate for connection to PC or other hosts via a 9-way D-type connector in RS232.

The camera head can be mounted horizontally, vertically or remotely on a short ribbon cable. The card is easily programmed and is shipped with an H263 streaming example and simple web server application. Examples are also included to allow rapid application development.

Another popular product is the DSKinet an embedded TCP/IP Ethernet daughtercard based on the WizNET W3100. This includes a royalty free hardware TCP/IP stack, removing any DSP processing overhead. The device handles TCP, UDP, IP, ICMP, ARP/RARP and raw MAC and DLC protocols with extended protocols such as DHCP and SMTP, etc easily accommodate in software. The WizNET API has been integrated into the DSP/BIOS operating system to ease development. Inclusion of TCP/IP enables the DSKCam to be used as the basis of net attached smart camera and VOIP projects.

These daughter boards are compatible with C6416 DSK, C6713 DSK, C6211 DSK, C6711 DSK, C5510 DSK and C5416 DSK.

The Wireless LAN versions have the same functions as the baseline products and allows users to develop smart camera technology over a wireless link.

Applications are very varied, particularly as The FLASH programming functionality of the DSK board allows stand-alone applications to be implemented at a fraction of the cost currently available on the smart camera market. By using the DSK's onboard digital and analogue I/O a complete high-performance, comprehensive machine vision controller can be built and installed.

Machine vision, video phones, remote image sensing, surveillance systems, biometrics, image recognition, standalone smart cameras are just some of the areas DSKCam can be used.

About Kane Computing Ltd
KCL has been providing Image Processing, DSP and high performance computing products for use in industry, education and research since 1987. KCL started life as Sension Advanced Computing, designing, manufacturing and supplying parallel processing products based around the Inmos transputer. In 1995 it became part of Kane International Ltd and subsequently changed its name to Kane Computing. In October 2001 Kane Computing became an independent Company. KCL is a member of TI (Texas Instruments) third party network and is now regarded as the primary source of fully supported development tools for Texas Instruments series of DSPs in the United Kingdom. KCL provides a whole range of products based around Texas Instrument's TMS320 range of DSP's. This includes starter kits, development systems, application boards and emulators. KCL has a policy of continual improvement and operates its business in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001:2000.

About Bitec
BiTEC Ltd are specialists in the area of control systems and DSP. They have a team with expertise ranging from hardware design to mathematical analysis. A range of services are available which assist industry and research to harness cutting edge technology.

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