Embedded Toolsmiths Debuts JTAG Debug Tools for PowerQUICC III 8548E

9/14/2005 - Embedded Toolsmiths (ETC), a pioneer in JTAG debug solutions and PowerPC development tools for embedded systems, unveiled a new version of its Guardian-SE JTAG emulator and Agile-DB C/C++ embedded debug tools. This new version is highly optimized specifically for the PowerQUICC III Family (MPC8540, MPC8541E, MPC8543E, MPC8545E, MPC8547E, MPC8548E, MPC8555E, MPC8560)) integrated communications processors from Freescale Semiconductor. This PowerPC processor family was designed to deliver gigahertz-plus communications rocessing performance and advanced features with the exceptional integration and high-speed connectivity required by enterprise networking, telecom transmission and switching, 3G wireless infrastructure, storage and high-end imaging markets. The Guardian-SE JTAG ICE and Agile-DB source-level debugger provide many powerful on-chip debug capabilities including:

The follwing phases of embedded debug and development are supported with our High Speed PowerPC JTAG Tools:

For information about supported processors, visit: www.etoolsmiths.com/processors.html#powerpc. More information about the PowerQUICC III processors family can be found at Freescale's MPC8548E home page at www.freescale.com.

About Embedded Toolsmiths
Founded in 2001, Embedded Toolsmiths provides hardware-assisted debug technology that is focused on the problems faced by embedded hardware and software engineers bringing up new and custom hardware based on the PowerPC and other popular 32 and 64 bit processor families. Agile-DB and Guardian-SE are registered trademarks of Embedded Toolsmiths.

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Agile-DB and Guardian-SE are registered trademarks of Embedded ToolSmiths.

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