SoftWIRE 6.0 Delivers More DAQ Controls and Tools, with Same Ease-of-Use

9/12/2005 - Measurement Computing Corporation announced the release of SoftWIRE 6.0. The new version maintains the intuitive graphical programming structure allowing users to build powerful DAQ applications without writing code. SoftWIRE programmers simply place the desired controls on the designer and connect the controls with simple drag and drop wires. Version 6.0 adds over 100 new controls specifically for data acquisition and data analysis. Among the new controls are: Signal Generation, DSP Filters, Spectral Analysis, Curve Fitting, Transforms, and Statistics.

SoftWIRE, the graphical programming interface to Visual Studio .NET, makes it easy for non-programmers to develop DAQ applications quickly. A program to acquire, store, display and log (to Excel) 8 channels of temperature data requires only five icons connected by four wires. It can be designed and run in less than 10 minutes.

In addition to all the new controls, SoftWIRE 6.0 ships with a host of example applications that enable users to get started quickly. The new version of SoftWIRE is fully backward compatible with versions 5.0 and later and can be used with all MCC hardware. SoftWIRE 6.0 is currently available for shipping, and is available for a limited time at an introductory price of $499 ($995 list).

An evaluation copy of SoftWIRE 6.0 will be available for download from the Measurement Computing site. It will also be included on the Measurement Computing DAQ Software CD that ships with all MCC hardware products. The evaluation version will enable a user to experience the ease-of-use and rapid development capabilities of SoftWIRE, but will only allow a user to use a virtual “Demo Board” in the applications.

Bill Kennedy, Measurement Computing’s Vice President of Sales, stated, "Our customers have a wide range of software skills and experiences. We recognize the importance of providing a software solution that not only matches their skill set but also the amount of software effort they wish to spend on their measurement application. We offer simple out-of-the-box applications for our nonprogrammers and a comprehensive Windows driver for our customers with programming skills. SoftWIRE bridges the gap nicely between the nonprogrammer and skilled programmer. SoftWIRE is the ideal solution for the occasional programmer who wants to rapidly create a custom DAQ application using a graphical interface yet still have the power and extensibility of Visual Studio .NET."

SoftWIRE 6.0 has enriched the DAQ environment with a suite of analysis tools that are seamlessly integrated into our existing components and controls.

Measurement Computing Corporation is the market leader in the design and manufacture of low-priced computer-based test and measurement hardware and software. These products include USB-based analog and digital I/O devices, Ethernet-based analog and digital I/O devices, analog and digital I/O boards, serial and GPIB interfaces for the USB, PCI, ISA, cPCI, PCMCIA and PC/104 buses, as well as RS-232/485 serial interfaces. The company, founded in 1989, has more than 70 employees and markets its products worldwide through direct sales, a distribution network, and the worldwide web.

SoftWIRE 6.0 Status
Introductory price: $499.00 (until 12/01/05)
Shipping immediately
List Price: $995.00

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