Radicom Research Releases Half-Inch Modem for Embedded Devices

9/2/2005 - Radicom Research, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of dial-up and wireless RF modems for embedded systems applications, announces immediate availability of its Half-Inch ModemTM for small footprint devices to communicate data with low power consumption.

The self-contained TTL interface voice/data/fax modem module provides embedded systems designers the flexibility to include modem functionality in system products with minimal engineering resources. Typical applications include remote monitoring systems, POS terminals, home security networks, medical devices and many other similar applications.

The Half-Inch Modem has a built-in data pump, modem controller and on-board International DAA. Measuring just 1.0” X 1.0” X 0.3” with a –40oC to +85oC operating temperature, the Half-Inch Modem is controlled by standard AT commands. Its cost-saving line-in-use feature eliminates the need for maintaining a dedicated phone line in many applications.

“The Half-Inch Modem’s small footprint and ease of use enables designers to provide connectivity to their applications in a very small space, adding value to products with its advanced communication features,” said Alex Tsau, Vice President of Operations for Radicom Research. “Our Half-Inch Modem drastically simplifies the design process for data communications functionality, allowing manufacturers, designers and integrators to move products off the drawing board and into production more quickly.”

Summary of Features:

The Radicom Research Half-Inch Modem’s award-winning design fulfills the very highest performance requirements for a complete dial-up data communications solution, and is pin-for-pin compatible to Radicom’s WHM900 RF Modem, giving manufacturers the flexibility of interchangeable modules for both dial-up and wireless connections within a single system board layout, helping minimize the cost of redesign.

The field-proven Radicom Half-Inch Modem allows state-of-the-art modem performance with minimal engineering resources, decreasing development costs. Designers can choose the required features for their specifications, or choose from one of Radicom’s off-the-shelf proven designs.

Fully Contained & Simple To Implement
The Half-Inch Modem easily integrates online applications into many types of embedded host or remote equipment. It is fully self-contained, and requires only a serial TTL interface and phone line access to provide data, fax and voice operation. The modem’s fast connection provides a simple but effective approach to data collecting, logging, remote diagnostics and communications.

Handset interrupt and connection detection features allow the modem to share a phone line with other equipment, eliminating the cost of a dedicated phone line. Features like DTMF tone detection and generation, voice record and playback allow the ultimate flexibility for system designers to easily implement the Half-Inch Modem’s versatile functionality into their products.

The built-in digital line guard protection automatically detects an overcurrent on tip and ring, preventing the modem from being damaged when accidentally connected to a digital telephone system.

Industrial monitoring systems, POS terminals, gaming devices, vending machines, remote monitoring and data collection systems, medical devices, home security networks, handheld computers, back-up communication systems and any small footprint device that needs to communicate data reliably with low power consumption.

Pricing and Availability
Radicom Research’s Half-Inch Modem is available now. Prices begin at US$21.00 in quantities of 1,000 or more.

RoHS Material Restrictions Compliance
Radicom Research’s Half-Inch Modem will be fully compliant with RoHS regulations by the end of 2005, allowing manufacturers to ship to Europe well in advance of the July 2006 compliance deadline.

About Radicom Research, Inc.
Founded in 1993, Radicom Research is committed to developing reliable, high-quality, simple to implement dial-up and wireless modems, competitively priced for OEMs, designers and industrial customers. Headquartered in San Jose, California, with offshore manufacturing capabilities, Radicom’s OEM customers include Cisco Systems, Diebold, Hewlett-Packard, Siemens and Xerox.

Radicom works closely with its customers to ensure their embedded data communications systems are successfully integrated at the lowest cost with the highest capability. Radicom modifies its award-winning modems to meet specific application requirements, and designs custom components to fit special needs, maintaining the fastest turn-around time in the industry. R&D efforts are focused on raising performance standards for small footprint data-communication components embedded in applications across a spectrum of industries.

OEMs and designers are invited to contact Radicom Research for consultation on modems for embedded systems applications. Phone: 1-408-383-9006, ext. 112; Fax: 1-408-383-9007; Email: sales@radi.com

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