AMIRIX Rolls Out AP1000 FPGA PCI Development Boards

9/1/2005 - AMIRIX Systems Inc., a leading provider of FPGA development boards as well as custom embedded systems and electronic design services for product development and enhancement, announced the launch of the AP1000 PCI Platform FPGA Development Board family.

The AP1000 is a PCI card with a Xilinx Virtex-II ProT XC2VP70 or XC2VP100 FPGA packaged in a 1704-pin ball grid array (BGA) and is connected to DDR SDRAM, SRAM, Flash Memory, Ethernet and other interfaces. Configured as a single board computer based on the IBM PowerPC 405 core, the boards come complete with monitor software and Linux O/S, and provide an advanced design starting point for university researchers and OEMs looking to improve time-to-market and reduce development costs.

"This platform provides an easy to use, "out-of-box" system for developing embedded FPGA System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions using larger Virtex-II Pro FPGAs," said Dr. Richard Vallee, VP Sales & Marketing at AMIRIX. "The AP1000 allows developers to gain a three to four month jump start on their next design project, and also exposes university researchers and students to some of the most current and advanced programmable logic technology on the market today."

By using the AP1000, developers and researchers can now explore embedded systems architecture in such areas as networking (SAN, VoIP, Bridges), communications, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), image processing, scientific instrumentation, and industrial controls.

The AP1000 family of boards expands on AMIRIX's AP100 board offering which supports the following Xilinx Virtex-II Pro FPGAs: XC2VP7, XC2VP20 and XC2VP30. AMIRIX also offers custom derivative designs through its supporting design services.

"Customization at the FPGA or circuit board level is a key aspect of our product offering and we are are continually developing new platform modules, software and boards to meet the needs of our customers," added Vallee, "If a customer's specific application is not met with our standard product line, we can discuss the development of a custom platform."

About AMIRIX Systems Inc.
Founded in 1981, AMIRIX is a leading provider of FPGA development boards and also offers custom embedded systems and electronic design services for product development and enhancement. AMIRIX is a member of the Xilinx XPERTS Program, and is also a Certified Diamond XPERTS Partner, a premier version of the XPERTS Program. For more information, visit

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