Inphi Develops Advanced Memory Buffer (AMB) Extensions to JEDEC

8/31/2005 - Anticipating the continuing demand for high-speed communications and overall system performance for networking and communications applications such as servers and workstations, Inphi® Corporation, an exhibitor in the Memory Community of the Intel Developer Forum, announced it has developed Advanced Memory Buffer (AMB) extensions to the standard being developed by JEDEC, all of which will be available as part of the company's ExacTik® Family of DDR/DDR2 solutions.

"Servers and other high-performance platforms continue to demand higher throughput and density for improving overall system performance," said Mian Quddus, Chairman of the JEDEC Board of Directors and the JEDEC Memory Module Committee. "Advanced memory buffer devices, such as those planned by Inphi Corporation, are designed to help OEMs reap the benefits of the most innovative and high-performance memory technology in 2006 and into the future."

These extensions, the first in the industry, deliver higher performance with lower latency and lower power consumption, enabling server memory module suppliers and DRAM manufacturers to produce some of the industry's best solutions at extremely low costs. AMB is a key enabling technology behind the increased bandwidths and large memory capacities characteristic of emerging FB-DIMM platforms.

Working closely with OEMs and DRAM manufacturers, and leveraging its expertise in production-proven SerDes technology, Inphi developed extensions for At-speed Testing, Customizable Verification and Debug Environments, and Timing Margining. These extensions are critical for designers working on next-generation servers which require high performance, and large memory arrays. Inphi's AMB technology is the first to include margin testing, a function deemed essential by all server manufacturers. In addition to improving price and performance, these extensions enable field analysis and improved system fault isolation by server OEMs.

"We worked hand-in-hand with the industry's leading system OEMs and DRAM manufacturers to develop the features and performance they wanted in final systems," said Desi Rhoden, chairman of the JEDEC Memory Committee and executive vice president of Inphi Corporation. "Inphi is pursuing industry standardization of these extensions through JEDEC to ensure they are readily available in the market."

The AMB interface is responsible for handling FB-DIMM channel and memory requests to and from the local DIMM and for forwarding the requests to other DIMMs. Compared to existing registered DIMM technology, FB-DIMMs provide memory capacities up to 24 times higher (192 gigabytes (GB) vs. 8 GB) and bandwidth up to four times faster (40 gigabytes per second (GB/s) vs. 10 GB/s) when used with 1-gigabit x 4-bit DDR2-800 DRAM. FB-DIMM technology also uses low-signal pins and only 69 pins per channel, whereas existing DIMMs need 240 pins per channel. Accordingly, because FB-DIMMs require a high-performance memory buffer, the AMB's unique channel structure mitigates buffer latency issues typical in registered DIMM technology.

The ExacTik Family
Inphi's ExacTik family of CMOS timing devices for computing applications is the most comprehensive and highest performing in the industry. Every part meets or exceeds JEDEC specifications and delivers accuracy required at low-cost for next generation DDR2 applications. The ExacTik family includes timing devices for memory clocking, and other server, workstation and notebook applications and is characterized by the highest performance in terms of jitter, slew rates, lock times and skew.

About Inphi Corporation
Founded in November 2000, Inphi Corporation is a privately held electronic components company based in Westlake Village, California. Inphi delivers high-speed precision integrated circuits that optimize power, performance, and size, enabling customers to build the highest performance, most cost-competitive telecommunications, data communications, and instrumentation systems.

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