Roaming Messenger Discusses Mobile Gateway for Homeland Security

8/29/2005 - (HDS), an investor news portal for the homeland defense and security sector, and (IIW), a portal dedicated to investor information regarding the wireless industry, present an audio interview with Jon Lei, CEO of Roaming Messenger®, Inc. (OTCBB: RMSG). Mr. Lei discusses how the company’s unique technology meets the challenges of the mobile world by providing an interoperable messaging and communication platform for incident commanders, emergency responders and other professionals in the homeland security sector.

According to Mr. Lei, with a messaging platform that is device agnostic, GPS enhanced and intelligence driven, real-time communication in applications such as emergency response and homeland security – as well as other enterprise applications – becomes very effective, efficient and reliable. “The Roaming Messenger Platform was designed from the very beginning to be device agnostic, to support multiple devices, multiple networks and multiple operating systems so that application developers such as First Watch or system integrators such as Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) ( do not have to worry about communicating with the mobile world. This is our expertise and the challenge we solve for our clients so they can focus their energy on developing the best emergency response application, the best threat detection application, or the best application in whatever market they happens to be.”

Roaming Messenger is positioned to take advantage of the growing demand for real-time messaging of critical information. “We believe that as the wireless world expands and as more and more applications have a need to interact with people, there is going to be a growing need for middleware such as Roaming Messenger to bridge the gap between a wired world back-end application and the mobile world.”

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Roaming Messenger, Inc. (OTCBB: RMSG)
Roaming Messenger is the provider of a breakthrough mobile messaging technology that delivers a completely new and better way for government agencies and corporations to extend information and business processes to the mobile world. The Company, based in Santa Barbara, California, has developed a proprietary technology that encapsulates workflow logic and data into smart software "messengers." Unlike regular e-mail and text messages, these messengers are encrypted, and have the ability to automatically move across wired and wireless devices, track down recipients, confirm receipt, deliver interactive content, and transmit real-time responses back to the sending application. The Roaming Messenger product is easily integrated into existing systems. It serves as a communication gateway to the mobile world for a variety of applications such as those used in emergency response, homeland security, logistics, healthcare, business continuity, and financial services.

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