Intel, Avocent Team to Build ASMI into Remote Server Management Modules

8/25/2005 - Avocent® Corporation (Nasdaq: AVCT) announced that Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) and Avocent are working together to incorporate Intel’s Advanced Server Management Interface (ASMI) specification into Avocent’s family of next generation remote server management modules. ASMI provides system developers with a more flexible approach to building server management by standardizing the physical connector interface. Designed to work with the Intel® ESB2M/E/V chipset components, Avocent’s remote server management modules enable server control from virtually anywhere, anytime.

Avocent chose to integrate Intel’s ASMI connector into its products because it allows server management cards to connect directly to the server motherboard rather than using a PCI slot. ASMI provides flexibility for modular card designs and it is being integrated by many server manufacturers. ASMI supports KVM and media redirection over IP as well as other higher-level management standards such as the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) and the Distributed Management Task Force’s (DMTF) Systems Management Architecture for Server Hardware (SMASH) initiative.

Avocent will demonstrate a beta version of the eVP1000, the company’s next generation remote server management module, this week at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco. The demonstration will be available in the Intel ‘Power Zone Area’ on concourse level 2 as well as in the session titled “Using KVM technology to Reduce TCO in Managed Server Environments” – Session ID IMSS010. In addition, Intel, Avocent and LANDesk will demonstrate their server management initiatives in the session titled “Using Emerging Standards and Technologies to Develop Comprehensive Server Management Solutions”, Session ID IMSS009.

“Intel’s ASMI connector is ideal for our embedded server management products, as it will enable a standard connector for remote access cards,” said Mark Lee, Senior Vice President, Avocent Manageability Solutions (AMS) group at Avocent. “The inclusion of ASMI within Avocent’s embedded virtual presence infrastructure (eVPI) will help improve the reliability and serviceability of Intel and other server platforms.”

“We are pleased that Avocent chose to use Intel’s ASMI technology in their next-generation embedded products,” said Hemant Dhulla, General Manager, Manageability and Platform Software Division at Intel. “With Avocent’s support for the ASMI connector coupled with OEM platforms, we are collectively simplifying advanced server management for our customers.”

What is ASMI?
ASMI standardizes the electrical and mechanical interfaces into a 120-pin connector that system management components use to interconnect on the motherboard. ASMI supports usage of KVM and media redirection over IP as well as higher level management specifications such as IPMI and SMASH.

What are IPMI and SMASH?
IPMI is an embedded management specification that defines a common and secure interface to how vendors monitor their system hardware and sensors (temperature, voltage, fan, etc.), control system components (power supplies, blades, etc.), log important system events (chassis intrusion, system reset, etc.) and allow administrators to remotely manage and recover failed systems. It is typically implemented as firmware on a chip, and is independent of the CPU, OS and BIOS.

SMASH provides consistent scripting of standard server tasks by standardizing the command line. Commands include IPMI-based power cycling and sensor monitoring. Administrators and software vendors can use SMASH to create scripts that can be used with IPMI and other servers with little or no change.

About Avocent Embedded Virtual Presence Infrastructure (eVPI)
eVPI is an embedded software and hardware management platform that helps customers reduce costs by fusing IPMI and KVM together with other Out-of-Band (OOB) embedded management technologies and standards. eVPI supports the Dambrackas Video CompressionTM (DVC) algorithm, KVM over IP, ASMI, Virtual Media, IPMI 2.0, and SMASH. eVPI is delivered from the Avocent Manageability Solutions (AMS) Group headquartered in San Jose, Calif. Avocent provides eVPI modular building blocks and platform management solutions to the server, blade, telco, networking, storage and desktop/notebook marketplaces worldwide. eVPI silicon, firmware, drivers, utilities and packaged solutions are already shipping in millions of servers.

About Avocent Corporation
Avocent Corporation is the leading supplier of connectivity solutions for enterprise data centers, service providers and financial institutions worldwide. Branded products include KVM switching, extension, intelligent platform management interface (IPMI), remote access, wireless and video display solutions.

Avocent, the Avocent logo, The Power of Being There and Dambrackas Video Compression are trademarks or registered trademarks of Avocent Corporation.

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