Kontron Unveils AMCs for Telecommunications Processing, Transcoding, Storage

8/22/2005 - Kontron Communications expands its range of open, modular COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) solutions based on the ATCA standard with the introduction of two new AdvancedMCs: the AMC Quad Gigabit Ethernet module AM4300 and the high capacity SATA storage module AM4500. These AMCs, which are particularly attractive to Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs) and service providers, can be hot-swapped, and are accessible via the front plate. AMCs are the smallest and most compact standalone FRUs (Field Replaceable Units) in the entire telecommunications industry.

Flexibility and the highest possible density are two of the main reasons for the success of AdvancedTCA solutions and AMCs are the key to that success, because they allow the use of a wide range of processor, storage, and network options in one system. Besides the technical advantages, operators of ATCA facilities - such as telephone companies (carriers), service providers, and multi-system operators (MSO) - appreciate the chance to reduce costs: the easy on-site exchange of AMCs (hot swap) significantly increases the availability of the systems and thus reduces downtime for the entire facility.

Kontron AM4300: AMC QUAD GbE module
The Kontron AMC AM4300 is ideal for all applications that require several Gigabit Ethernet ports directly connected to one AdvancedTCA processor board. The AM4300 is a Full Height/Single Width form factor board equipped with four 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet ports. It supports PCI-Express x8, x4, x2, and x1 Link, and is simple to manage via IPMI v1.5.

Kontron AM4500: AMC SATA storage module
The Kontron AM4500 module is presented in the Full Height/Single Width form factor and provides up to 120 GB storage capacity for open, modular communications solutions. The AM4500 conforms to both the AMC.0 and AMC.3 specifications. It offers Native Command Queuing (NCQ) to hold and rearrange up to 32 commands in a queue, and is also easy to manage with IPMI v1.5.

Furthermore, both AdvancedMC modules are fully compliant with the AdvancedTCA "Reliability, Availability, Serviceability and Maintainability" (RASM) concept.

Kontron's "AMC everywhere" strategy
One important factor in the economic success of both TEMs and carriers is the use of cost-optimized, flexible networks, which could offer any conceivable new and innovative feature that might be requested and expected by end users. In order to achieve this flexibility, Kontron employs its "AMC everywhere" approach, which maximizes the design options for high-density processing and offers I/O line card applications. "AMC everywhere" represents an attractive enhancement of standard ATCA boards via AMCs: all Kontron ATCA boards contain AMC slots. But not only that - all AdvancedTCA boards and AMC modules from Kontron are interoperable. "AMC everywhere" guarantees a smooth transition from purely proprietary technology to a 100 percent AdvancedTCA-System. Furthermore, the purely AMC-based MicroTCA standard, which is still undergoing specification, is also suitable for other industries that demand high availability in the smallest space. AMCs will also be very much in demand for applications such as medical technology, process automation, and transportation. Overall, this offshoot of AdvancedTCA is the strongest-growing slot-board form factor that PICMG has released in recent years.

Shorter time-to-market
Kontron's ATCA and AMC technologies shorten the development time for applications because all the open, modular components are pre-integrated and fully interoperable, and fully support the relevant software (operating systems, protocols, management).

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