Hybrid Graphics' OpenGL ES 3D Graphics Technology Supports BREW

8/22/2005 - HYBRID GRAPHICS, a leading provider of 3D graphics technology for mobile phones, announced the availability of HYBRID's RASTEROIDTM OpenGL ES 3D graphics technology for QUALCOMM's BREW solution.

HYBRID's RASTEROID brings 3D graphics functionality for use by BREW publishers and developers, enabling the creation of innovative 3D content for the enjoyment of millions of wireless subscribers. RASTEROID developed for the BREW solution is a high performance ARM-based software solution based on the open mobile graphics standard, OpenGL ES, making it a key enabling technology for 3D games and other graphics-intensive content. The use of open standards makes the technology easily accessible to content developers.

"Our decision to develop for the BREW solution is an important step for HYBRID GRAPHICS as we look to improve our mobile content offerings and expand our reach among the global publisher and developer community," said Panu Wilska, VP of Sales & Marketing of HYBRID GRAPHICS. "Our technology helps to accelerate the already rapidly improving quality of BREW 3D games, and millions of subscribers using BREW handsets will soon be able to enjoy content created with the help of RASTEROID."

"3D mobile gaming continues to be very popular and because of the widespread industry support for OpenGL ES, RASTEROID is an attractive choice for BREW publishers and developers" said Mike Yuen, director, Gaming Group for QUALCOMM Internet Services. "QUALCOMM looks forward to seeing the first set of games built using HYBRID GRAPHICS' OpenGL ES technology, as we expect that increasingly realistic and compelling gaming experiences will soon be available to mobile consumers."

QUALCOMM's BREW solution is designed to meet the distinct and varied needs of wireless operators, handset manufacturers, publishers, developers and end users around the world. BREW products and services include: an open, extensible client platform that supports robust systems and application software including personalized and branded user interfaces for mass market devices; a J2EE(TM)-based, modular delivery system that enables the distribution of content, applications and user interfaces to wireless devices across all air interfaces; a dedicated professional services team that supports the integration of customized implementations; and the wireless industry's first global marketplace to support the monetization of applications and services developed in all programming languages. The BREW solution can make the wireless visions of innovative companies a reality.

Hybrid Graphics
Hybrid Graphics of Helsinki, Finland is the market leading embedded 3D graphics software provider. It has over 10 years of experience in developing software and hardware graphics technology for consumer devices, releasing the first official OpenGL ES API software implementation in 2003. It actively participates in several Java JSR standard groups and is a board member of the Khronos Group, a consortium responsible for OpenGL ES and other relevant graphics standards for embedded devices. Hybrid's clients are leading mobile device and hardware manufacturers, who currently command over half of the total mobile phone market. Hybrid provides solutions for companies including Nokia, Ericsson, Samsung, Symbian, Philips, Aplix, Esmertec, TTPCom and Bitboys and also works with QUALCOMM to create innovative solutions for publishers and developers of mobile content.

QUALCOMM and BREW are registered trademarks of QUALCOMM Incorporated. RASTEROID is a trademark of HYBRID GRAPHICS limited.

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