Adaptive Digital Broadens Distribution of DSP Algorithms, Chips, Solutions

8/17/2005 - US-based Adaptive Digital Technologies, Inc. (Adaptive Digital) and Korea's Myonghwa Net Inc. (MHN) have signed an international distribution agreement under which MHN will be representing Adaptive Digital's entire portfolio of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms, chips and solutions in Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. This newly formed alliance will enable Adaptive Digital to address fully the needs of the Eastern Asia telecom carriers and rapidly expand Adaptive Digital's presence in this market.

"We are extremely excited about our future with MHN," said Brian McCarthy, president, Adaptive Digital Technologies. "Our partnership with MHN will extend our international sales coverage to Eastern Asia, a previously untapped market for us. With its strong customer focus, understanding of regional needs, and excellent market penetration, MHN is an ideal marketing partner for us. We look forward to the increased business our relationship with MHN will bring. By combining our DSP technology with Myonghwa Net's firm presence in these regions, we are opening the door for many new opportunities. The ability to provide service and real time support is critical to our business philosophy. The ability of MHN 's engineering staff to extend technical assistance to our customers without the compromise of time zone separation, was yet another contributing factor in our choosing of Myonghwa Net."

"We are very pleased to work with ADT," said Youil Kim, President and CEO of MHN. "ADT's DSP solutions will be an important part of the range of solution-based electronic components, software and systems Myonghwa's Multimedia Division offers. With ADT's portfolio of proven VOIP software algorithms solutions, Myonghwa's marketing and sales network in Eastern Asia will tap and open many new opportunities."

Adaptive Digital currently offers a broad range of highly optimized DSP software algorithms solutions for telephony applications, such as voice compression, conferencing, telephony signaling, Voice over IP (VoIP), noise reduction, and echo cancellation for use with Texas Instruments' TMS320(tm) family of DSPs. Adaptive Digital's extensive software library and G.PAK (tm) technology provide customers with solutions designed, configured, and finely tuned to meet developers' real-world performance requirements.

Adaptive Digital's G.PAK(tm) application slashes time-to-market for developers and equipment manufacturers. G.PAK(tm) is a scalable and configurable voice-over-packet DSP software solution. There is no need to write a single line of DSP code, G.PAK provides all the DSP components necessary in a voice-over-packet system and in record time, provides an application interface to allow easy integration into a user's application. Adaptive Digital's G.PAK base algorithm set includes G.711 and G.168 compliant network echo cancellation.

Adaptive Digital's flagship product is the afore mentioned, patented ITU G.168-2004 echo canceller, offered as both a network echo canceller and line echo canceller. The line echo canceller supports tail length up to 32 msec, while the network echo canceller supports echo tails up to 128 msec, without any performance penalty. Independently tested at AT&T's voice quality test lab, Adaptive Digital's G.168 echo canceller has been certified as "carrier grade" and is fully compliant with the Texas Instruments xDAIS(tm) standard. Adaptive Digital's echo canceller has been deployed in over forty countries.

Adaptive Digital field-tested Chip Solutions are powered by G.PAK(tm). Adaptive Digital solutions, based on G.PAK(tm) technology, include a high-density Conference chip, designed to provide conference call capability to telephone systems. The solution is designed using the Texas Instruments' TMS320C6415 DSP(tm). Each 600 MHz DSP can host up to 512 channels of VoIP, conferencing, tone detection, tone generation, voice record and playback and other functions.

Adaptive Digital's ipPhoneChip(tm) includes all the DSP functionality necessary for a high quality IP speakerphone. The ipPhoneChip runs on the Texas Instruments TMS320C5471(tm) dual-core processor. Adaptive Digital also offers an IP phone reference design kit, is based on the ipPhoneChip(tm). The reference kit provides the necessary off-the-shelf hardware and software environments enabling developers to enter the market in a quick and cost-effective manner. This same IP phone was recently showcased along with other consumer products at the Texas Instruments Developer Conference 2005 in Houston, Texas.

Adaptive Digital Technologies, Inc. is located in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA).

About Adaptive Digital Technologies, Inc.
With over eleven years of experience in the application of DSP in the area of voiceband communications, Adaptive Digital Technologies, Inc. offers highly optimized carrier-grade DSP Software building blocks such as telephony algorithms, speech compression, and echo cancellation, packaged to meet all applications. Adaptive Digital's DSP 'Chip' Solutions are a collection of DSP algorithms and Texas Instruments hardware components, which together handle signal-processing tasks for specific end equipment. Adaptive Digital's ipPhoneChip(tm), G.PAK(tm)Chip, G.168 Echo Canceller Chip, and Conferencing Chip, lets system designers leverage proven solutions, allowing them to focus their efforts on rapid product development. Adaptive Digital is a strategic member of the TI's TMS320(tm) Third Party Program, the most extensive collection of Digital Signal Processing development support in the industry.

About Myonghwa Net, Inc.
Myonghwa Net Corporation has been serving as the exclusive agent for globally renowned companies such as Gleason Corporation and Mitsubishi Material Corporation for over twenty years. Myonghwa Net's Multimedia Division offers a range of solution based electronic components and products that are highly compatible with "ubiquitous" technology. Current solution-based products include in-car DMB receiver and voice recognition based language learning system, along with ADT's VOIP DSP solutions.

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