TenAsys' INtime RTOS Supports NI LabVIEW Embedded Development Module

8/17/2005 - TenAsys Corporation announces at the NIWeek 2005 conference that the company's INtime real-time operating system for Intel Architecture processors now supports the National Instruments LabVIEW Embedded Development Module. Using TenAsys' new INtime plug-in for the NI LabVIEW Embedded Development Module, LabVIEW application developers can implement virtual instruments (VIs) in the Microsoft Windows environment as they are accustomed, with the underlying control, data acquisition, and processing functions operating in a robust, real-time environment that can update instrument display parameters and close control loops as often as once every 50 microseconds.

"TenAsys' INtime is based on real-time OS technology that was initially developed by Intel and has been proven over 25 years of operation in demanding, mission-critical applications," said Kim Hartman, TenAsys Vice President of Marketing and Sales. "Using the LabVIEW Embedded Development Module, more scientists and engineers can leverage the robust real-time performance on INtime on standard PCs."

"It's exciting to see TenAsys recognize the productivity that the LabVIEW Embedded Development Module can bring to their users", said Shelley Gretlein, National Instruments Group Manager for Real-Time and Embedded Software. "By porting the LabVIEW Embedded technology to INtime, they are broadening the community of engineers and scientists who can use graphical programming for embedded development."

INtime brings options for VIs on real time for Windows incorporating timed loops and in-line C programming to LabVIEW. Plus, INtime enables the integration of other real-time software subsystems (e.g., deterministic network interfaces and vision systems) into this environment.

LabVIEW Embedded technology is being demonstrated on INtime at this week's NIWeek exhibition in Austin, Texas (www.ni.com/niweek). Product packaging and commercial availability details are to follow.

About TenAsys and INtime
INtime Real Time Extensions for Windows is a fully featured RTOS derived from iRMX. Applications written for the INtime RTOS execute with guaranteed determinism as fully-protected user-mode processes in concurrence with the Microsoft Windows operating system on standard PC hardware. Because real-time application code executes in user-mode the INtime environment is immune to application faults that crash kernel-mode driver solutions.

In 2005, TenAsys celebrates 25 years of continuous use of their iRMX RTOS product. Customers worldwide have entrusted TenAsys' RTOS products to provide reliable deterministic control of their Intel x86 architecture embedded computers in a wide array of mission critical applications including: medical, telecomm, industrial control, robotics, test & measurement, and military. For the second year in a row Microsoft has recognized TenAsys as its Windows Embedded Partner of the Year. Cited for its efforts as an independent software vendor in enhancing the performance of Microsoft's Windows operating system for mission-critical, real-time applications, TenAsys is the only software company to receive this award two years in a row. TenAsys, INtime and iRMX are registered trademarks of TenAsys Corporation. The names of other companies, products, and brands mentioned herein may be trademarks of other owners. You can find additional news and information about INtime software and TenAsys Corporation at our website www.tenasys.com.

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