ARTiSAN's UML Tools Put Brakes on Train Control Systems for NYAB

8/16/2005 - ARTiSAN Software Tools, a global leader for UML 2 and SysML-based, real-time systems and software modelling tools, announced that ARTiSAN Studio has been selected by New York Air Brake (NYAB), a leading supplier of train control systems for the railroad industry, as its standard software development tool.

NYAB currently uses a variety of non-CASE tools to create train control software products. However, their goal is to promote standardisation, reuse and improve overall software quality through an integrated CASE tool environment that encompasses the entire software development lifecycle. Previously software reuse was difficult for them and models were often incomplete or difficult to understand. But having used UML for some of their locomotive and car control software design effort, they soon realised that it should be the common modelling language for all their software design and chose ARTiSAN Studio to provide the heart of their integrated CASE development environment.

Describing why ARTiSAN Studio was selected over other real-time UML tools, Debora Elam, Senior Software Engineer and Project Lead, said: "In July 2004, we began to research and evaluate various UML-based CASE tools. Most of our software development is for embedded, real-time systems, using C and C++ languages, so this narrowed the list of potential tools. Following extensive research, we selected ARTiSAN Studio primarily for its true multi-user repository which supports our reuse requirement and its interface with other tools that will help us create an integrated CASE tool environment."

Discussing actual experience with ARTiSAN Studio, Elam continued, "Before finally choosing ARTiSAN Studio, we decided to pilot it on some ongoing development projects for six months. The results were extremely pleasing. We were able to more easily design for reuse and have already started reusing some of our design components from our pilot effort on other projects. Additionally, using UML and other features available in ARTiSAN Studio, we've already reduced some of our design review time since design models are expressed using a common modelling language, as well as being more complete."

Jeremy Goulding, President and CEO of ARTiSAN commented, "The reasons for New York Air Brake's selection of ARTiSAN Studio are not dissimilar to those of many of our customers - the need for a true multi-user repository to facilitate collaborative development, the need to decrease development time through design reuse and the ability to handle multiple languages within a model as well as the tool's ease of use and adoption. We're very pleased that after a rigorous evaluation of the leading tools, and its use on several pilot projects, ARTiSAN Studio has delivered on its promise and been selected by NYAB as its standard software development tool."

About ARTiSAN Software Tools
ARTiSAN Software Tools is the leading supplier of collaborative modelling tools for requirements analysis, specification, design and development of complex applications. The company provides standards-based, multi-user tool support from architectural frameworks through systems design to software implementation. ARTiSAN offers products, services and a process for systems and software modelling to accelerate the development of next-generation real-time systems while ensuring that they always meet requirements. ARTiSAN enables engineering teams to visualise, design and validate systems before building them, and simplifies implementation with code generation and software reuse. Winner of the 2005 SD Times 100 award in the Modeling category for bringing UML and SysML to real-time embedded systems, ARTiSAN offers the most advanced tools for complex applications development. Founded in March 1997, ARTiSAN is privately held with headquarters in Cheltenham, United Kingdom. The company has regional sales offices and distributors throughout the world. For more information, call +44 (0)1242 229300 internationally, or 1(888)511-7975 from the US; or visit

About New York Air Brake
New York Air Brake Corporation supplies innovative air brake and train control systems to the heavy haul AAR railroad industry worldwide. NYAB is part of the Knorr-Bremse Group, a global leader in the field of brake systems for rail and commercial vehicles. For more information, visit

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