Alert and Notification Market Sector Grows, Roaming Messenger to Benefit

8/15/2005 - The market sector known as the "Alert & Notification" sector continues to be a growing market opportunity for award winning Roaming Messenger® Inc. (OTCBB: RMSG).

This multi-hundred million dollar sub-sector of the Homeland Defense and Emergency Response market is rapidly growing as the need for new communication technology increases. Technology in general and IT (Information Technology) solutions in particular are leading a revolution in the way incidents are prepared for and responded to, thereby accelerating the expansion of the sector.

"Government Security News," a bi-weekly journal for the homeland defense sector, in their August 2005 issue, has published an article describing how technology, especially alert management technology, is giving incident planners and emergency responders a technical advantage over those who seek to commit disruptive acts of terrorism, or when major industrial accidents such as refinery fires or chemical plant explosions occur. The article can be found at

The publication, noting that nearly every airport and governmental or other major facility has already formulated a disaster plan, discusses how these facilities are now implementing alert management technologies to build on the investment of time and money that has already gone in to creating the disaster prevention and response plans.

When an event occurs, software automatically sends alerts and provides information which enables responders to be more proactive and helps them to coordinate activities between multiple responders. Key to the workflow is a decision tree that allows personnel to be alerted in sequence, and asks them to check back in a certain number of minutes. If no check-in occurs within the required time, the alert management system will automatically roll over to the next person identified in the emergency plan. Alert management software -- combined with an intelligent video security system -- can guide responders through the real-time steps needed to address a threat.

Roaming Messenger delivers sophisticated capabilities beyond even the alert functions discussed in the article. All alert management solutions today use static technology such as e-mail and text messages. The problem with these technologies is that messages can be missed, stuck in spam, read at the wrong time etc. These problems are not conducive to effective incident response. The last thing a response management system should do is create more confusion by sending more useless messages.

Utilizing Roaming Messenger technology, alert management solutions can send out very intelligent, real-time and location based software "messengers" that can roam, locate and deliver highly interactive communications to responders in the field and carry responses back to the originating application.

Messenger based alerts can carry video, maps, text, or nearly any other type of digital content in their payload, which is displayed on the screen of the recipient's wired or wireless devices. This provides information about the scenario before responders arrive, rather than spending time assessing the situation after arrival.

The article concludes by emphasizing how this multi-hundred million dollar industry will continue to grow and rely on technology to advance at breakneck speed.

These tools can help security personnel do their jobs more effectively and extend security capabilities in ways that were not possible even a few years ago. As industry standards evolve and technology advances, the goal will be to identify problems and respond more quickly, more intelligently, and more efficiently.

"This article and other research pieces continue to validate our business plan and the benefits we deliver to this market sector. We continue to make good progress as we execute our channel sales strategy," said Jon Lei, Roaming Messenger's CEO.

About Roaming Messenger
Roaming Messenger is the provider of a breakthrough mobile messaging technology that delivers a completely new and better way for government agencies and corporations to extend information and business processes to the mobile world. The Company, based in Santa Barbara, California, has developed a proprietary technology that encapsulates workflow logic and data into smart software "messengers." Unlike regular e-mail and text messages, these messengers are encrypted, and have the ability to automatically move across wired and wireless devices, track down recipients, confirm receipt, deliver interactive content, and transmit real-time responses back to the sending application. The Roaming Messenger product is easily integrated into existing systems. It serves as a communication gateway to the mobile world for a variety of applications such as those used in emergency response, homeland security, logistics, healthcare, business continuity and financial services. Visit the Company's website at:

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