SYSGO to Provide Software for Airbus A400 M's Loadmaster Control System

8/12/2005 - Rheinmetall Defence Electronics (RDE) transfers delivery and certification of the basis software for cargo compartment electronics of Airbus A400 M to SYSGO AG. Besides the delivery of the operating system, the volume of the order includes the design of software and documents for the certification of the so-called Loadmaster Control system according to standard DO-178B for safety critical applications.

The military cargo airplane Airbus A400 M has been ordered by several European states at EADS and will be equiped with a Loadmaster Control System by RDE, which has to be certified according to DO-178B. According to this standard requirements, must be exactly defined, the design of the operating system as well as the software must be extensively documented and the funcitionality must be tested in detail, before it can be presented to the related aerospace authorities.

"We have already gathered experiences with DO-178B in similar projects and with this order we inherit all tasks in the forefront of certification of the basis software," explains Detlev Schaadt, Development Leader of SYSGO. "We deliver not only the product but also assist RDE with more than 10 man years engineering services during the development."

From 2009 the freight aeroplane developed by Airbus Military should replace the Transall of the Federal Armed Forces (first delivery to the German Airforce in 2010).

SYSGO AG was founded with a core staff of three employees in 1991. Today, the company employs more than 70 people, and has six facilities in Germany and Europe. SYSGO was reincorporated as a joint stock company in October 2002. SYSGO AG is specialized in the development, implementation and customization of system software for embedded systems with a strong focus on the Operating System environment. SYSGO develops device drivers and Board Support Packages (BSPs) for custom hardware, provides major international companies with consulting services and support for embedded systems and safety critical applications. SYSGO target markets are automotive, electronics, board vendors and semiconductors, engineering and automation industries, medical technology as well as aerospace and defense. SYSGO customers include such firms as DaimlerChrysler, EADS, Honeywell, IBM, Raytheon, Rockwell-Collins, Rohde&Schwarz, Siemens und VDO as well as numerous small and medium sized companies both at home and abroad.

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